Black Adam End Credits Scene Leaks Online And Fans Are Going Crazy

The Black Adam end credits scene leaked online, and everyone on Twitter is losing their minds.

By James Brizuela | Published

Dwayne Johnson promised long ago that Black Adam was going to change the landscape of the DCEU forever, and that is most certainly true. For those who have not heard, read, or seen anything that covers the Black Adam end credits reveal, stop reading immediately, as the rest of this article contains heavy spoilers for the ending of Black Adam. For anyone else that is wanting to see the Twitter reactions about this huge DC moment, welcome back.

We would imagine that seeing Henry Cavill coming back in Black Adam is something that has rocked the DC world, especially because DC had become noncommittal about bringing Cavill back in. The Black Adam end credits effectively have answered that doubt, leaving fans going crazy.

Dwayne Johnson had been revealing the Black Adam end credits for months on end, though no one quite seemed to know exactly what he was talking about. He did also recently welcome back Henry Cavill at the premiere, so he just spoiled it all anyway. To be honest, we aren’t as upset about the leak, as it means that Cavill is back.

We understand using Henry Cavill in every capacity because he was the golden boy for DC. Fans have been longing for another Man of Steel movie, and now it appears that we are finally going to get it. We would argue that the Black Adam end credits scene is only amplifying the 10-year plan that Warner Bros. Discovery has in store for DC Films.

We would assume that this blurry image is from the big reveal that Henry Cavill is returning as Superman, though we can’t be sure. Either way, the above Twitter user has posed a great question in relation to the Black Adam end credits. We hope to see a more cohesive plan moving forward now that Cavill is back.

We think that people are being a bit too hard on the Black Adam end credits solely because Henry Cavill has returned. The early reactions to the movie have been positive overall, so it stands to reason that the end credits cameo is only going to bolster the movie. If Marvel can get away with big cameos, why can’t DC?

We do love the foreshadowing going on that is now being brought together in the DCEU. The Black Adam end credits scene is harkening back to its predecessors, but let’s hope that DC is going to move away from the formula they have been using up to this point.

While many of us will have to wait until Black Adam comes out next Friday to see this end-credits scene, there are many already discussing it on Twitter and other social media channels, which is something we all figured would happen. Marvel might be good at keeping their biggest secrets in-house, but even they have slip-ups of their own, as Tom Holland was often guilty of letting spoilers fly. Still, we are more than excited to see how DC is going to look now that a clear-cut plan is in effect.