A Bizarre Fake Trailer Is Becoming A Real Movie

Eli Roth is now directing Thanksgiving, a fake horror movie he made a trailer for that appeared in the Grindhouse movies.

By James Brizuela | Updated

eli roth

Sometimes in the movie and TV world, certain ideas that were meant to be filler often find new life in the form of fully produced properties. Eli Roth put together a horror trailer that appeared during the Grindhouse movies of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, which was called Thanksgiving. This overtly violent slasher is now being turned into a new movie by Roth, who stated, “Shooting the trailer was so much fun because every shot is a money shot…every shot is decapitation or nudity…it’s so ridiculous, it’s absurd…it’s just so wrong and sick that it’s right.”

Thanksgiving basically showcases a small town celebrating Thanksgiving, when a killer dressed like a puritan in all black begins to violently kill some unlucky citizens of the town. As Eli Roth stated, practically every scene contains some sort of sexual situation, followed by a gory removal of someone’s head. Michael Bieh, who starred in Planet Terror, is also shown in the trailer for the horror movie, leaving us to believe he might be asked back for the real Thanksgiving horror movie.

eli roth thanksgiving

Apparently, Eli Roth is leaving behind the reshoots of the new Borderlands adaptation, just so he can work on his new Thanksgiving movie. The faux trailer that was shown during Grindhouse has the same old-school horror feel of Halloween, but it’s far gorier and filled with sex scenes. We are not sure if that same level of blood is going to be used, but considering Roth made Hostel, we would imagine his new Thanksgiving movie is going to be quite violent.

Thanksgiving being turned into a full-fledged movie now joins two others that were just trailers in the Grindhouse movies. Robert Rodriguez’s Machete and Jason Eisener’s Hobo With a Shotgun have both seen full releases, leaving Eli Roth’s new horror slasher to join them. Rob Zombie did have his own trailer for a movie called Werewolf Women of the SS, but we doubt that he is going to be making that into a full feature.

We are not sure if Eli Roth leaving Borderlands is going to alter the movie that much, as he was just going through reshoots, but it appears his Thanksgiving movie is on the top of his list for now. Tim Miller, who infamously directed Terminator: Dark Fate, got permission from Lionsgate and Roth to take over the reshoots for the final two weeks of Borderlands. We would imagine that Miller has the same type of vision for Borderlands that Roth does, for this risky move to even happen.

For now, Eli Roth is working on Thanksgiving, which we would imagine is going to be released sometime in the fall of this year. That is a lofty goal for any movie but considering the B-level horror that exists in the fake trailer, we would imagine it won’t take Roth that long to shoot his new slasher. However, we would also imagine that Thanksgiving is going to be released early in 2024 as well.

Borderlands, on the other hand, is going to be released sometime this year. The Eli Roth-directed adaptation is currently in the final reshoots, meaning we might be seeing it sometime in the fall of this year. This is just speculation, but the movie sounds to be finished, apart from the reshoots happening.