Bill Skarsgard Cast As The Most Famous Vampire

Bill Skarsgard will star as the titular vampire in Robert Eggers' adaptation of Nosferatu.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

Nosferatu is a classic film that still captivates audiences 100 years after its release. It’s a staple in many horror film collections and is set to be given new life by fan-favorite Robert Eggers. Now it has been noted that Bill Skarsgard is slated to play the infamous title character

Bill Skarsgard was featured in the lukewarm Marvel film, Eternals and the newly released Barbarian. He is also starring in the 4th John Wick installment, and The Crow reboot. While these may provide a mixed view of his acting skills, working with Eggers and taking on the iconic role of the most notable vampire in movie history will likely shape his future. It is already a highly anticipated movie that has only gained more buzz with the addition of other names. 

Alongside Bill Skarsgard, Lily-Rose Depp has been discussed as co-starring. In addition, Chris Columbus is helping to produce this work. It has already been an uphill battle finding the right film house and cast. 

The film nearly became a reality in 2019. It was born with the promise to be released by Studio 8, giving roles to Harry Styles and Anna Taylor-Joy. Unfortunately, budgeting and casting issues held up the project, leading Eggers to redirect his focus elsewhere and await a better opportunity, like this new endeavor with Bill Skarsgard. 

Nosferatu was based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel. Unfortunately, the original movie creators could not acquire the rights from Stoker’s family and were forced to create their own altered version of the beloved vampire tale. Despite this, the producer has long wished to create a vampire film and now Robert Eggers is set to channel that energy through Bill Skarsgard.

Bill Skarsgard

Barbarian has proven to be a successful role for Bill Skarsgard. The reviews are hailing it for its surprises, terror, and ups & downs. This sets Bill Skarsgard up for a perfect entrance into one of the creepiest roles known to cinema. 

For years now, fans of the classic film have awaited Eggers’ adaptation. After the disappointing pause with Studio 8, it seemed that it would never become reality. Thankfully, Focus Features is now dedicated to backing the project and the cast is being built around Bill Skarsgard. 

Coming off of his massive success for Barbarian, Bill Skarsgard may just be prepared to take on new feats. The recent release highly exceeded expectations and topped its opening weekend with a $10 million domestic box office high. This is big news for a September release, being that the month is not often a big revenue driver. 

When filming will begin and what sort of release date fans will see is still uncertain. For now, there is serious movement on Robert Eggers’ next project, and after The Northman, many are hungry to see how he portrays the most well-known monster of classic horror. Hiring Bill Skarsgard to expand on his horror repertoire is a smart move that will likely pay off as the film finally gets its chance to grip thrill seekers everywhere.