Bill Cosby Is Preparing A New TV Show

By Doug Norrie | 2 mins ago

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is out of jail and apparently feels like he has a new lease on life. In fact, it looks like he is even getting back into the Hollywood game. There is talk that he is considering developing some kind of new show or series and has been in talks about bringing something to the screen. According to Fox News, Bill Cosby is working with a number of different producers right now, formulating ideas that could bring him back into the show business fold. 

Details about what type of potential series Bill Cosby could be developing are under wraps right now. Fox News was reporting through Cosby’s representative Andrew Wyatt, so it could even be something like secondhand information. No one from any studio has mentioned this publicly, but Wyatt did say the show has been worked on for over a year now, dating back to when Bill Cosby was incarcerated. During those times, communication was harder for Cosby to line up times to speak to those on the outside. 

Bill Cosby actually developing a series and bringing it to the screen would seem totally improbable and just a few months ago would have been nearly completely impossible. That’s because he was serving a sentence in a facility outside of Philadelphia on aggravates indecent assault charges. Back in 2018 he was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. But to the surprise of many, back in June, the charges were vacated by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. That’s because there had apparently been a deal between Cosby’s team and the then-attorney general Bruce Castor that if Cosby testified in a civil suit, there could be no further criminal charges filed. The Supreme Court found this sufficient to end his incarceration seven years early and he was a free man

bill cosby

Bill Cosby is now 84-years-old and has spent years out of the showbiz industry. It is hard to imagine something actually getting off the ground here in terms of a series. That would especially be the case if, like Fox News reports, that they are working with something in the comedy field. After all, though this latest conviction was overturned, this is far from the only accusation made against Cosby about his interactions with women over the years. The trouble started all the way back in 2014 with many incidents falling outside of the statute of limitations, meaning Cosby couldn’t be brought to trial on any of the alleged charges. There were a total of 33 alleged victims that had accused Cosby of sexual acts. 

And the legal issues aren’t quite over for Bill Cosby just yet. There is still a pending lawsuit, filed by Judy Huth all the way back in 2014 that is still in the pipeline in Los Angeles County. Cosby has said that he plans to invoke the fifth amendment if that ever goes to trial. But this case has been around for so long that there is a chance it doesn’t move forward anymore. 

The last time Bill Cosby had anything in the works was back in 2014 with plans to bring another Cosby Show-like series to order. But in the wake of allegations around that time, the plans were quickly scrapped. It would represent a major surprise if Cosby was able to actually get something made now.