Two Classic Sitcoms Are Getting Animated Reboots For Some Reason

Sony is making animated reboots of Bewitched and The Partridge Family targeted at kids.

By Douglas Helm | Published


Hollywood loves to reboot just about everything, but rebooting two sitcoms from the 60s and 70s in animated form is certainly new territory. According to Screen Rant, Bewitched and The Partridge Family will be getting their own animated shows from Sony. These new animated reboots will be geared toward kids, despite the fact there probably aren’t too many kids today who have heard of either show.

Bewitched was a sitcom that first started airing in the early 60s, and it followed a witch named Samantha who marries a mortal man and decides to live a normal life while also struggling not to resort to magic for daily conveniences. The show was also the inspiration for the 2005 rom-com that starred Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. The Partridge Family is a sitcom about a family of pop musicians and is loosely based on The Cowsills, which is another name that modern kids are probably not aware of at all.

Not only have the Bewitched and The Partridge Family animated reboots been announced but there are already plot descriptions in place for both of them. The Bewitched animated series will focus on the daughter of Samantha and Darrin, Tabitha Stevens, who was played by Erin Murphy in the original show. Tabitha will be living a double life in the show as she attends regular school along with a magical academy run by her grandmother, Endora, who was played by Agnes Moorehead in the original series.

Danny Bonaduce
Danny Bonaduce with Farrah Fawcett

The Partridge Family animated reboot will focus on a new Black family from Brooklyn who runs a New York food truck that serves up food and music to customers. While the Bewitched reboot seems to be a continuation of the story from the previous series, The Patridge Family reboot looks to be more of a spiritual successor as it takes the musical family premise with a brand new cast of characters. In either case, it definitely doesn’t seem like viewers will need to be fans of the originals to enjoy the new rebooted series.

Still, it is a pretty odd move by Sony to reboot sitcoms that are so old and unknown to a new generation, but if the ideas are good enough, there’s no reason the Bewitched and The Partridge Family reboots can’t be enjoyable and charming in their own right. Sony has found a lot of recent success in the animated realm, with the newly released Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse already making big waves critically and financially. It seems like Sony might be ready to fully lean into more animated offerings for customers in the future.

As mentioned, it definitely doesn’t seem necessary to watch the original shows to enjoy these new reboots, but if you want to catch up on either, you can do so for free. Bewitched is currently available to stream for free on the Tubi platform, and The Partridge Family is available to watch for free on the Roku Channel. The animated reboots won’t be moving forward until after the WGA strike, so you likely have plenty of time to catch up.