Best Time Travel Movies To Stream On Netflix Right Now

By Rick Gonzales | Published

Best Time Travel Movies on Netflix Right Now

Over the history of film, the science fiction genre has offered audiences plenty of mind-bending and exhilarating movies. The subject of time travel is one topic that we can give our best guess on (many have) with differing results. At times, time travel movies can be somewhat confusing but can also push the boundaries of imagination to give us some of the best science fiction movies of all time.

At present, Netflix offers a number of time travel movies. Funny and fun, thoughtful and exciting, these are the best time travel movies streaming on Netflix right now.

The Adam Project (2022)

Ryan Reynolds in a time-travel movie? Sure, sign us up. True, Reynolds has had his fair share of missteps in the past (hello, Green Lantern, R.I.P.D, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) but he has also shown that he can deliver in big doses as well. In the time travel movie, The Adam Project, Reynolds once again delivers.

The film stars Reynolds as Adam Reed, a fighter pilot from 2050, who takes command of a time jet so he can return to 2018 to save his wife. During the process of his return, he gets injured and instead lands in 2022. There, he must count on his younger self to help him get to the correct time so he can save his wife. It takes a little bit of convincing to make young Adam believe he is looking at an older version of himself, but once he does, the two make a great team.

Along with Reynolds, the film stars Walker Scobell as young Adam, Zoe Saldana as Adam’s wife Laura, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, and Catherine Keener. The time travel movie was directed by Shawn Levy from a script written by a quartet of writers.

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When We First Met (2018)

Time travel movies come in all shapes and sizes. The shape and size of When We First Met is a romantic comedy, one where it is going to take Adam DeVine’s Noah Ashby on numerous trips to the past in order to get the girl he loves. Noah meets Avery Martin (Alexandra Daddario) at a Halloween party in 2014 and immediately falls for her. Avery, on the other hand, only sees him as a friend. Three years later, Avery is engaged to Ethan and is happier than ever.

Noah decides alcohol is the answer and ends up in the exact photo booth he used with Avery when they first met. When Noah wakes up the next morning, he is back in 2014 with an opportunity to change how she feels. When it doesn’t work, Noah wakes again in 2017 to find that he and Avery don’t even know each other.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Noah does, with hilarious results. Ari Sandel directed When We First Met from a script written by John Whittington.

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Synchronic (2020)

The trick sometimes with time travel movies is finding new ways to send people back or forward in time. In Synchronic, they use pills. Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan are Steve and Dennis, paramedics who are partners in New Orleans. Things start off weird for the two as they begin to get cases that are very strange. One case involves Dennis’ daughter Brianna, who has now gone missing.

Everything they deal with early on leads Steve to a drug called Synchronic. Taking it, Steve finds out that he is transported back in time for seven minutes. Depending on his geographic location determines the location year of his journey. Steve decides that he is going to track down Brianna by continuing to take the drug.

The time travel movie was directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead from a script written by Benson, who both state the film shares continuity with their two previous films, Resolution and The Endless.

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Time Trap (2017)

You won’t find any big names in the time travel movie, Time Trap, but what you will find is interesting, if you can piece it all together. Time Trap deals not only with time travel, but time distortion. The story follows a couple of graduate students who, after being told by their professor their research was complete, decide to go find him after he has not returned for a few days.

Their search leads them to a cave system. The students have brought with them a few friends to help find the professor but what they find instead is a cave filled with openings leading to different times, literally. One of the students deduces that inside the cave it is a time distortion, where things move more slowly.

Time Trap involves cavemen, cowboys, spacemen, and parents who may or may not be dead. It also involves the Fountain of Youth and the theory surrounding it. Mark Dennis and Ben Foster directed the film from Mark Dennis’s script.

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Still Time (2023)

Life is short, so try to enjoy the time you have with those you love. That is the takeaway from Still Time, a story about Dante (Edoardo Leo), a workaholic who always finds himself in a rush. Unable to press on the brakes and appreciate his life, Dante discovers that life is now moving even faster – one year for every day.

Still Time is not a groundbreaking time travel movie. It doesn’t offer any big movie stars or go truly deep with its message. But the film has a good heart and nature and really is there to point out that people need to start living in the moment and not let life pass us by. Along with Leo, the film also stars Barbara Ronchi and Andrea Purgatori.

Still Time is directed by Alessandro Aronadio from a script he co-wrote with Renato Sannio. Give it a shot, it may surprise you.

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