Last Chance To Stream The Best Ever Teen Drama On Netflix

By James Brizuela | 2 weeks ago

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Way back before Euphoria ever existed, there was another massively huge show about teenagers working their way through high school and life. That series was the classic teen drama known as Dawson’s Creek. The series ran from 1998 to 2003 and helped to launch the career of James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, and Katie Holmes. The teen drama was the #1 series on The WB, which is now known as CW. After a long 18 months on Netflix, the series is finally leaving the streaming platform. Fans of the Dawson will have to find a way to binge all six seasons by April 30th, as that is the last day on which the series will be available.

Dawson’s Creek was a massive success when it first aired back in 1998. The show was nominated nearly every year for several awards on the Teen Choice Awards, with Joshua Jackson pulling in Best Actor in 1999, 2000, and 2001. The series was also awarded the SHINE Award, which is when multimedia addresses sexual health issues in its delivery. Joshua Jackson’s popularity also led to the famed war between the characters in the show. “Team Dawson” vs. “Team Pacey” was the usual war brought on by the legion of fans who watched the show. This was also back before Twilight brought in the “Team Edward” vs. “Team Jacob” battle. You could say that Dawson’s Creek was one of the originators of pitting the protagonists against one another in fake arguments outside of the show’s actual drama.

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Dawson’s Creek follows the lives of Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and Jen, as they navigate their ways through the drama of high school and college. The show takes place in a fictional town called Capside, which is apparently in the state of Massachusetts. The drama unfolds for the teenagers as they grow into adults. From the above-mentioned drama between Dawson and Pacey attempting to secure the love of Joey, to Jen also spinning her own webs, this teenage drama had the makings of its predecessors. The goal was to make a show that appealed to audiences in a way that Beverly Hills, 90210 had but to focus more on the problems that teenagers deal with, rather than young adults. Series creator Kevin Williamson pitched the idea to Warner Bros. as a show that mixed elements from 90210, Some Kind of Wonderful, Pump Up the Volume, James at 15, My So-Called Life, and Little House on the Prairie. Apparently, this hodgepodge of name drops from films and television series got him the series, and off it went. Fun fact, Williamson also worked on Scream, which was then made fun of by Scary Movie. There is a moment in which Dawson enters the room by accident. You can see the video below:

Dawson’s Creek was truly a cultural phenomenon that spanned decades. The show’s iconic intro song was one that has been made fun of during countless other shows and films. The theme song plays as the characters in Scary Movie begin to kiss one another, and James Van Der Beek climbs through the window and claims he’s on the wrong set. It’s a hilarious moment, but one that made audiences laugh hysterically, especially considering how popular the show was in the year 2000. That is when Scary Movie debuted.

Dawson’s Creek holds an 81% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, though it is missing the critic score for some reason. Audiences clearly loved the show, and it is still talked about as one of the upper echelon teen dramas that helped to spawn all the young adult series that we see these days. That includes all the teen drama-focused superhero shows that the CW has in its lineup. Without Dawson’s Creek, there would be no Smallville.

Dawson’s Creek is still available on Netflix until April 30th, so if you happen to be a fan of James Van Der Beek or the other names that got their careers started on this show, go check out the teen drama that started it all. Once May 1st hits, this six-season series will no longer be available. Maybe just go listen to the theme song over and over again and attempt to get it out of your head. We also don’t want to wait until our lives are over.