Science Has Identified The Best Superhero Movie Of All Time

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

avengers endgame best superhero movie

Voting on or deciding the best superhero movie of all-time can be a subjective endeavor. Everyone is going to have their own opinions and leanings about which flick rises to the top and sits above others in the genre. One person might like an explosion over here while someone else might like a character over there. See what I mean? These can be shifting goalposts. But now science has determined which one is the actual number one superhero film ever. It’s not all that surprising that it’s Avengers: Endgame

The new study comes from Online Casinos but was put together by a group of researchers and titled The Superhero Movie Index. The group used four distinct categories to formulate a score for a wide variety of superhero movies in order to determine which one was the best. They used IMDB audience rating, Metacritic critical score, worldwide movie box office gross, and search volume per year. When combined, these were used to get a score on a 100 scale. The best superhero film with a score of 78.67 was Avengers: Endgame which finished near the top of the first three categories. 

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Others on the best superhero movie list were a rather surprising group of films. For instance, the second overall was 2019’s The Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. For starters, this doesn’t fit into the conventional grouping when you actually think “superhero” and it’s not technically a part of two of the major comic franchises. It was boosted primarily on the back of its search volume. Number three was Black Panther with Avengers: Infinity War and The Dark Knight rounding out the top five. 

Being the best superhero movie starts with taking in a massive box office haul. Until just last week, Endgame ranked as the highest-ever grossing film in terms of ticket sales. It wasn’t until Avatar got a limited IMAX release in China that it vaulted back to the top of the list. Both of these films are sitting in the $2.8 billion dollar range which ranks them well ahead of number three Titanic, almost $600 million behind (embarrassing). These two movies are far and away the leaders in the theater dollars clubhouse. 

And in terms of a critical darling, Endgame did score well on that front as well. In addition to its 78 Metacritic score, it’s also sitting at a whopping 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. It was a hit on both fronts when it first released and hasn’t really tailed off even after multiple viewings. Being the best superhero movie means being able to pop in the third or fourth time around and still enjoy it like you were in the theater the first time. 

What do you think? Does this list make sense to you? As I said, it appears The Joker is much higher than I ever would have guessed if trying to put together a functional list ahead of time. And I think I would have put The Dark Knight a tick higher as well, though that’s just personal preference. What would you have at the top of the list for the best superhero movie ever?