The Best Jennifer Aniston Movie Is Killing It On Streaming

By James Brizuela | 4 weeks ago

jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston has been in many comedic films and romantic comedies, but there are none more hilarious than We’re The Millers. Her pairing up with Jason Sudeikis, Will Poulter, and Emma Roberts proved the perfect combination, as it is considered her best comedic outing. Aniston plays the role of a stripper named Rose, who is thrust into pretending to be the mother in a fake family devised by David (Sudeikis). The film was released in 2013 and had some significant success.

We’re The Millers follows the life of David Clark, a marijuana dealer that runs into a big issue when some teenagers beat him up, taking his stash and cash. David must now answer to his dealer, who proposes a plan for the two is “even.” That plan is to have David smuggle a huge shipment of pot from the U.S. into Mexico. Considering getting caught with that level of drugs, David comes up with a genius plan. He hires the stripper he has a crush on, a runaway girl, and the awkward neighbor boy to pose as his family for a trip. They are going to load the pot into an RV and pretend as if they are going on vacation. Jennifer Aniston plays the stripper role perfectly, even having to strip to save the group from being gunned down. She is certainly an attractive woman, and her scene of stripping to save her fake family is fantastic. You can see a video of her striptease below:

Jennifer Aniston is also most famous for her time on Friends, which is arguably one of the best sitcoms of all time. Aniston played the role of Rachel in the series. She, and the rest of the cast, still get loads of money from royalties due to how popular that series still is. A funny moment that is part of We’re the Millers is when the family is traveling through the desert in their RV and they begin to put music on, as they are celebrating getting away safely from rival drug dealers. A TLC song comes on the radio, and Kenny (Will Poulter) seems to know all the words. However, the producers and such thought this would be a perfect moment to prank Aniston, especially for her time on Friends. They expertly incorporate the theme song to be played in the scene. Everyone in the cast begins to sing the song in unison in the blooper clip. You can see this video below:

At first, Jennifer Aniston doesn’t realize what is going on, then she begins to laugh hysterically at the wonderful prank. Clearly, filming We’re the Millers was chock full of fun, as indicated by this blooper and prank. The nature of the film is also the same level of hilarity, and that is why this makes this her best film. The whole ridiculous idea that a fake family can be used to transport drugs across the border is one that would need this kind of cast. Sudeikis and Aniston work so well with one another, and the kids just add more to their pair’s banter.

We’re the Millers may not have been a critical success, as it currently holds a 49% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, audiences love the film as it stands at 72% for audience rating. Based on a budget of $37 million, the film landed $270 million in worldwide box office numbers. This was a successful comedy, and even more so for Jennifer Anniston. Only Bruce Almighty has surpassed the numbers that We’re the Millers made, making it Aniston’s second highest-earning film. That could also have been due to the fact that Jim Carrey was in Bruce Almighty, but still, both films are hilarious.

We’re the Millers is currently in the top 10 for HBO Max, and there is a good reason for that. The movie is hilarious and contains a surprising amount of heart considering it’s all about drug smuggling. Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis work well with one another, and if nothing else, at least we get to see Aniston perform a sexy striptease in the film. Go watch We’re the Millers and decide for yourself if the movie deserves the praise it currently has. The film is streaming right now on HBO Max.