The Best Bikini Moments Ever Put On The Big Screen

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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Best Bikini Moments in Movies

There are moments on film and then there are moments; images that last a lifetime. Some will take the boy in the audience and quickly turn him into a man. Others, well, they are simply jaw-dropping. Of course, we are talking about the best bikini moments ever to be put on film.

Now, it’s not like we haven’t seen ladies in bikinis on the big screen before, we have. But there are certain instances that are more mind-searing than others. Ones that leave a lasting impression because maybe they were our first or simply because for some reason, they were the most iconic.

8. Salma Hayek - From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Those who saw the fun horror film, From Dusk Till Dawn, got more than an eyeful when Salma Hayek danced her way into the hearts of men everywhere as Santanico Pandemonium. As the lead stripper at the Titty Twister strip club, Hayek’s entrance in a skimpy bikini and wearing a huge, living python snake is one for the ages. It’s just too bad we find out pretty quickly that she is also a vampire.

7. Halle Berry - Die Another Day (2002)

James Bond, we will have to admit with a tinge of jealousy, has been one lucky man when it comes to women and skimpy bikinis. In this movie, Pierce Brosnan is the lucky Bond when he meets up with NSA agent Jinx Johnson (Halle Berry) and her rockin’ orange bikini. It’s a great moment in Bond history.

6. Jessica Alba - Into the Blue (2005)

There isn’t one specific Jessica Alba bikini scene in the film, Into the Blue, that stands out, but all of them. Alba shows off her ample figure time and again above water, underwater, and everything in between. Alba is Sam, living on a beach in the Bahamas, giving her plenty of reasons to get into a bikini as she is on the run from drug dealers.

5. Carrie Fisher - Return of the Jedi (1983)

For a moment there (just about two minutes) the entirety of the Star Wars universe (the male portion) held their collective breaths as Princess Leia was introduced in her iconic and ultimately controversial gold bikini. Although lightsabers were “turned on” with Carrie Fisher’s gold bikini, some felt it was a bit too much (or too little, so to speak). Still, hats off to Fisher for being the sexiest slave Jabba the Hut could ever wish for.

4. Bo Derek - 10 (1979)

10 was only Bo Derek’s second feature film and boy was it, well, a 10. Dudley Moore was the lucky one (okay, we were lucky too) in this Blake Edwards romantic comedy that gave us one of the most iconic, slow-motion beach running scenes with Bo Derek. Okay, technically she was not wearing a bikini in this scene, but we are going to cut her some slack because, in so many ways, it worked.

3. Ursula Andress - Dr. No (1962)

Regarded as the very first Bond girl, Ursula Andress made a fine impression in 1962’s Dr. No. Sean Connery was the lucky Bond in that film. Walking out of the ocean sporting only that belted white bikini, Andress once remarked how that scene paved her career. She said after that film premiered, she was able to pick and choose her future roles while becoming financially independent. You go, Bond girl.

2. Phoebe Cates - Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

Phoebe Cates turned every red-blooded boy into a man that day when she famously slipped out of the swimming pool in her red bikini. Of course, we got to see her in it before climbing out of the pool, and who cares if it was only in Brad’s (Judge Reinhold) fantasy world? We were right there with him the whole way. Well, until he got caught in the bathroom. Bad Brad.

1. Raquel Welch - One Million Years B.C. (1966)

Without a doubt, number one. Raquel Welch put a face and figure to fur bikinis as the sexiest (ever) prehistoric cavewoman. Not only did she put the “sex” in sex symbol while moving gracefully across the screen, but the picture of her in it became a worldwide sensation as a poster. Raquel’s fur bikini is one of the most iconic ever.