One Of The Best Animated Sitcoms Of All Time Being Rebooted As An Adult Series

The Flintstones is coming back as an adult-oriented animated sitcom from Elizabeth Banks for Fox, this time it's out of the Stone Age and into the Bronze Age alongside a 20-year-old Pebbles.

By Mark McKee | Published

the flintstones

Elizabeth Banks may be known as an actress capable of comedic roles, such as the Steve Carrell breakout hit The 40-Year-Old Virgin or the Anna Kendrick franchise Pitch Perfect, but she started expanding her repertoire many years ago. As a director and a producer, she has brought the revitalization of Charlie’s Angels and the bonkers film based on actual events, Cocaine Bear. According to Deadline, her newest producer/actor venture will take fans all the way back to an animated Stone Age in an adult animated series based on The FlinstonesBedrock

According to the report, Fox has ordered a pilot for Bedrock, possibly joining their other successful animated series that include The SimpsonsFamily GuyBob’s Burgers, and American Dad. The news comes nearly two years after Elizabeth Banks took the reigns of the project to spearhead the effort to bring it to life. Now that the studio has ordered a pilot, we are one step closer to seeing our favorite The Flinstones characters come to life again, albeit in a bit of a different way. 

The original animated series ran from 1960 to 1966 and gave us 167 episodes following the misadventures of the two Stone Age families, the Flinstones, and the Rubbles. The show was geared towards children, using fun tropes like having a dinosaur replace a family dog. The new series will turn the children’s series on its head and be geared more toward the adult crowd, presumably those who grew up watching the original. 

While The Flinstones originally focused on the Stone Age and had fun alterations to modern technology using stones and rocks, Bedrock will jump ahead with the changing times, ushering in a new, gleaming Bronze Age. Elizabeth Banks is doing more than just producing; she is pulling double duty, joining the cast as the lead and portraying Pebbles Flinstone. While she was once the spunky daughter of Fred and Wilma, she will now be 20 years old and heading out into the world to face the changing society. 

She is joined in the cast by other talented voice actors playing classic Flinstones characters, like Stephen Root as her father, Fred. Root is most known for his iconic performance, where he always asks for his stapler, in The Office, and his endless knowledge of obscure sports in the Ben Stiller/Vince Vaughn vehicle, Dodgeball. He has recently lent his voice to the casts of HBO’s VelmaBeavis and Butthead Do the Universe, and King of the Hill

Amy Sedaris (Elf and Puss in Boots) will play Wilma; Nicole Byer (Velma and Big City Greens) will play Betty; Joe Lo Truglio (Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Reno 911) is cast as Barney; and Manny Jacinto (The Good Place and Top Gun: Maverick) is Bamm-Bamm. It has been nearly six decades since The Flinstones went off the air, and now we get to find out what happened after the series ended (other than The Jetsons, which is theorized to be in the same universe).