Ben Stiller Knows When Severance Is Going To End

By Dan Lawrence | 16 seconds ago


Apple TV+ is seemingly the go-to place for high-quality small-screen content and one of the latest shows to demonstrate that is Severance. The office-based science-fiction mystery series that sees employees of an ambiguous company undergo a procedure to split their work life and personal memories stars the likes of Adam Scott, Patricia Arquette and John Turturro and has hooked fans and critics in alike. Many fans of the show will be praying the series continues for some time, but series director Ben Stiller does know that Severance will end one day and as per, it is something the creative team behind the show already have thought about. hark back to an interview Ben Stiller held with The Hollywood Reporter, where the series one director discusses whether he and his creative team peers have thought about the end of Severance; “going forward, we are going to answer questions and pose new ones, but there definitely is an end point for the show that Dan has in mind.” Ben Stiller refers to Severance series creator and writer Dan Erickson as the man with the master plan encompassing the Apple TV+ show’s exit strategy. Severance season one aired earlier this year and centers on Adam Scott’s Mark Scout, who willingly subjects himself to a procedure that keeps his work memories and personal memories completely separate. However, as the series unfolds, Mark unravels a mystery within the company that makes him question not only himself, but his enigmatic employers. The thrilling premise is laid bare in the trailer below.

However, despite the end of Severance already being discussed by Ben Stiller and show-creator Dan Erickson, fans of the Apple TV+ series shouldn’t fear that the ending will come anytime soon. Following the cliff-hanger ending to season one of the show, Severance has been renewed for a second season and Stiller has described the show as a “multi-season story.” The second season has yet to receive an official release date, but it is expected to land in 2023 if production can get underway by the end of the year.

The fact that Severance won’t end for some time and has earned a quick series renewal is more than likely due to the impressive reception the show has encountered. Critics have been almost unanimous in their positive approval of the show, with Severance earning a handy 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Not to mention that the renewal of the show will have been based on the impressive viewing figures for the Apple TV+ show. In early March, Severance was the most-watched television show on streaming services and second only in streaming content overall behind Ryan Reynold’s Free Guy.

Ben Stiller may just have the scoop on Severance coming to an end, but all evidence points to the show running on for some time. However, the fact that Stiller and show creator Dan Erickson are aware of when the end will come along proves that Severance is unlikely to fall into the familiar trap of outstaying its welcome, something which many other shows fall into. Such awareness should help Severance avoid bloating into multiple, endless seasons, keeping the critics on side and the viewing figures high.