Ben Stiller Making A Sequel To His Most Popular Movie With Adam Sandler?

By Ross Bonaime | 6 months ago

Adam Sandler Ben Stiller

One of the most fascinating things to think about when The Walt Disney Company purchased Fox in 2017 was what Disney would do with some of Fox’s biggest properties. Already, Disney has begun working on new iterations of Fox properties, like a Home Alone reboot, and an Alien series for FX. Recently, Disney also announced their plans for the future of Night at the Museum, and a new rumor suggests not only will Ben Stiller still be involved, but that Still wants Adam Sandler for this new iteration.

The rumor comes from gossip entertainment writer Daniel Richtman on his Patreon, although its not clear where Richtman heard this rumor about a Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler collaboration, but there’s more evidence against the possibility of it happening.

The first is Daniel Richtman himself. Recently, the writer has been throwing out all sorts of rumors involving Adam Sandler, including rumors that he’s making sequels to Billy Madison, The Waterboy, and reuniting with Jennifer Aniston for a new movie. It seems as though Richtman might have run out of rumors for Sandler’s own movies and has moved on to theorizing he might be reuniting with his The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) co-star, Ben Stiller.

The other questionable thing about this rumor is that Disney has already shared their plans for the future of the Night at the Museum franchise. At the studio’s investor day, Disney announced plans to make an animated Night at the Museum movie for Disney+. The studio did say that Shawn Levy, the director of the original three films, would be producing the film, but at no time did Disney say Ben Stiller would be involved with the animated project, which they likely would if he was part of the animated film.

That being said, considering Ben Stiller wasn’t a producer on any of the Night at the Museum movies, it seems strange that he would now take a creative position in a theoretical live-action sequel. Also, Disney’s slate of upcoming slate of films and television programs based on Fox properties have avoided using previous casts in order to distinguish these new versions from the old. It would be an odd choice for the studio to veer away from using casts from the earlier versions, but then decide that Night at the Museum can’t continue as a franchise without Ben Stiller.

But under Fox, the Night at the Museum franchise made over a billion dollars, so certainly this is a major series for Disney to want to try and continue. Yet Disney has already said that their current plans are to turn Night at the Museum into an animated property, with no mention of either Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler. That doesn’t mean that Disney couldn’t also be working on a live-action version as well, but it would be unlike Disney to reboot another studio’s property with the same lead character. 

Ben Stiller Night at the Museum

Night at the Museum is without a doubt one of the properties Disney is most excited about getting their hands on, but despite the fact that Disney has given fans an update of their plans for the franchise, there’s been no hint that Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler will either be involved. As of right now, it seems the animated series is the only thing to be expected from this series, and if a live-action version were in the works, it seems extremely unlikely for Disney to buck from their usual trend and use the original film’s cast.