Ben Savage Receives Support For Congress Seat From Unlikely Source

Ben Savage's political aspirations have the support of Maitland Ward, his former co-star on Boy Meets World and current adult actress.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

Maitland Ward in Boy Meets World

Ben Savage may have surprised some when he recently announced he’d be running for congress, but his Boy Meets World co-star Maitland Ward was right on board. Savage, best known for his child acting, has been hard at work for the last few years establishing himself as a legitimate candidate for the Congress seat. According to MovieWeb, the White Chicks star voiced her support for his candidacy, stating “[Ben Savage] could do a lot for society. I know he’s been interested in politics for a very long time. I honestly think that he wants to better the community.”

Some people may already be familiar with Ben Savage’s ultimately unsuccessful run for the West Hollywood City Council last year, but the star doesn’t plan to let that stop him from entering the world of politics. When asked about Ben Savage’s candidacy for a Congress seat, Maitland Ward expressed that it would be an uphill battle, while restating that he’s got her vote already. Savage is running as a registered Democrat with plans to take over Adam Schiff’s seat, which reports say is soon to be vacant.

Adam Schiff made headlines this past week when GOP Republican Matt Gaetz attempted to introduce legislature blocking him from accessing any classified documents. While we’re not sure how Ben Savage would fare in such a tumultuous political landscape, Maitland Ward supports him in his hard-fought struggle to enter the game. Though the stars haven’t worked alongside one another for some time, they grew quite close on the set of Boy Meets World and have remained friends ever since.

Though Ben Savage wouldn’t be the first to transition from the glitzy world of Hollywood to walk on the hot coals of American politics, Maitland Ward argues that he certainly has a qualified resume to run on, though she advised him to lean into his star power during his campaign. The Love, Lights, Hanukkah! star has accolades within the realm of politics far in excess of political outsiders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger or former President Donald Trump, as he graduated with a political science degree from Stanford University, and served as an intern for United States Senator Arlen Specter.

Whether Savage gets the Congress seat or not, it’s nice to see that he and his former co-star are still close after their many years off the screen together. While rumors briefly circulated that the two were no longer close during the run of Girl Meets World from 2014 to 2017, they were quickly dispelled. Ben Savage reprised his role in the spinoff show for 72 episodes, while Maitland Ward was the only original cast member to not return for a cameo.

The two have since diverged from the world of sitcom acting, as Ben Savage has aspirations of taking a Congress seat, and Maitland Ward has gone on to perform significantly more risqué content in adult films. As Adam Schiff continues his bid for Dianne Feinstein’s high-profile senate seat, we may see Savage’s candidacy heat up. For now, all we can do is wait and see what happens. If you’re a resident of the San Gabriel Valley, it may behoove you to familiarize yourself with Savage’s policies, as he may soon be involved in legislature that affects you.