Ben Affleck Won’t Sit Next To Chris Hemsworth For A Hilarious Reason

Ben Affleck won't sit next to Chris Hemsworth because the Thor actor is younger and far more handsome.

By Mark McKee | Updated

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Ben Affleck has one of the most well-documented bromances in the world with his longtime friendship with fellow actor Matt Damon. It is such a long and well-known life partnership that when the actor became Batman, fans immediately began fan casting the Bourne Identity actor as his Robin. But now that bromance has a little competition, according to FandomWire, Ben Affleck began poking fun at Damon’s bromance with Chris Hemsworth by giving his friend props for sitting next to the much more attractive and well-built actor, something he won’t do. 

According to Affleck, he applauds his longtime friend and collaborator on Good Will Hunting for having the courage to sit next to someone that much younger and better looking than him. He goes on to say that Damon has talked to him about moving to Australia, and his only misgivings about the move are that he wouldn’t see his friend as much, letting everyone know that his comments are intended as good-humored ribbing. Ben Affleck seems to have nothing but respect for Chris Hemsworth and his budding romance with Matt Damon. 

Hemsworth commented in an interview that his friendship with the Dogma actor began when he first started working, and he learned from watching Matt Damon how to navigate his sudden celebrity. The two even made pancakes together for the journalist during the interview, which Hemsworth called the most romantic interview he had ever done. Ben Affleck may have shared a bank account with Damon, but Chris Hemsworth has cooked in the same kitchen for an interview, which could spark jealousy in anyone. 

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Affleck’s relationship with Damon is a storied one as the two co-wrote the Oscar-winning film Good Will Hunting, which also starred Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire and Hook), Minnie Driver (Phantom of the Opera and Return to Me), and Stellan Skarsgard (The Avengers and King Arthur). Recently, they received attention when it was revealed that they had a joint bank account to get them each through the hard times of being a starving actor, and it is beginning to change how we look at male friendships. While Ben Affleck went on to struggle publically with addiction along with his award-winning directorial pursuits like Argo, Damon seemed to take to mentoring actors like Chris Hemsworth. 

This bromance also gives insight into how Matt Damon ended up in Thor: Ragnarok, appearing in the third film as the stage version of Loki. The film was a change of course for the character, lightening his story arc and adding some comedy, which Matt Damon kick-started at the beginning of the film with a surprise cameo. 

Ben Affleck doesn’t seem to have anything but great things to say about Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth, as the superstar actor is one of the more humble in Hollywood. Besides, it’s not like Hemsworth is pulling off Academy Award-level films like Affleck and Damon with this year’s Air, which is already getting Oscar buzz. Take that, Hemsworth.