Ben Affleck Loses Wedding Ring As Jennifer Lopez Marriage Seems To Crumble

By Britta DeVore | Updated

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

If Ben Affleck was trying to throw the media off the trail of his alleged impending divorce from wife and music superstar, Jennifer Lopez, he certainly didn’t do himself any favors over the weekend. Taking some time out of his busy schedule to enjoy a meal with his eldest daughter, Violet, the Good Will Hunting actor stepped out onto the streets of Los Angeles with his wedding ring nowhere in sight.

The pair enjoyed some fresh Shanghai grub at Tasty Noodle where Affleck was caught on camera without his ring, sparking more rumors to pop off surrounding the relationship woes between him and Lopez. 

On-Again-Off-Again Relationship

It is, however, worth noting that the following day, on Sunday, the Academy Award-winning performer was spotted with his ring back on as he stepped into his office. Being that he’s been an incredibly public figure for nearly three decades, it’s well known that Ben Affleck isn’t a huge fan of being followed by the media. With the recent developments between him and Jennifer Lopez causing even more of a paparazzi presence, Affleck could have just been giving the world something to talk about during his ring-less dinner the night before.

Still, things are not looking terrific for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez who tied the knot back in July 2022. If ever there was a Rachel Green and Ross Geller Friends-like romance in the celebrity world, it would be with these two. The pair initially met back on the set of the box office bust, Gigli in the early 2000s and quickly crossed the line from co-workers and friends to romantic partners. 

A Whirlwind Romance

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

Soon, those early stages of love and dating would turn into something much deeper after Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez in 2002. The pair’s whirlwind romance only further picked up the pace from here but would eventually crash and burn, with the wedding postponed in the fall of 2003. By early 2004, Affleck and Lopez announced their mutual decision to part ways, citing the pandemonium they experienced from fans and the media as being one of the main reasons they just couldn’t work it out.

Falling In Love On The Job

Over the next two decades, both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez would go their separate ways and start over with new people. For Affleck, he would end up marrying his Daredevil co-star, Jennifer Garner and the duo would have three children during their decade-long marriage. Likewise, Lopez married her close friend and fellow musician, Marc Anthony, with whom she had twins.

They Tried A Second Time

When both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez found themselves single shortly after the beginning days of COVID-19, they were spotted going on vacation together in Montana. From there, things quickly snowballed into a relationship and an engagement that this time actually did end up in marriage. However, over the last year or so, the pair have been continuously in the eyes of the public, scrutinized for their every move.  

Breaking Up For Good?

Now it appears as though the band may be breaking up for good as Ben Affleck recently moved out of the couple’s gargantuan Beverly Hills mansion and into an apartment of his own. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez canceled her tour and has reportedly been spending a lot of time with her close family members. With Affleck’s latest non-ring fashion decision captured by cameras, the rumor mill will only continue to churn as they potentially head toward divorce.