See Ben Affleck At His New Drive-Thru Day Job

Ben Affleck was spotted working a Dunkin' drive-thru in Boston, reportedly to film a commercial for the Super Bowl.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

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Life can come at you fast, one day you might be starring in blockbuster superhero films, and the next, you could be working a Dunkin’ drive-thru just outside of Boston. That’s the life of Ben Affleck, who surprised commuters the other day by taking their orders at a drive-thru in Medford, Massachusetts. NBC News 10, out of Boston, reports that instead of taking up a new day job, Affleck was likely just filming a commercial.

Lisa Mackey, the woman that took the amazing photo of Ben Affleck in his natural environment, reported that she also had to sign a video release form. Camera crews were sign around the building for the majority of the day, capturing the Good Will Hunting star ensuring that the bean juice is actually decaf, in addition to the legitimately surprised customers. Adding to the crazy environment, even crazier than a Dunkin’ during rush hour, the best Batman actor’s new wife, Jennifer Lopez, was also present.

If all of this was to film a commercial, the combined star power of Ben Affleck and J-Lo makes it seem like a potential Super Bowl ad. Considering one 30-second spot can cost companies $2 million, big name stars are usually pulled in to shill for everything from crypto, to snack chips. Of course if Dunkin’ was looking for a spokesman, it would hard to do better than Affleck, as the Boston-native is a noted fan of the coffee.

The talented writer/director/actor has made Boston the setting for his critically acclaimed movies, Good Will Hunting and The Town, with the latter film also paying tribute to Fenway Park, home of a local organization nearly as famous as Dunkin’. While Ben Affleck has helped promote Dunkin’ through unintentional memes, the star is no stranger to commercials for companies that support his interests. Even if, allegedly, one of his other interests used to land him in hot water with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

That’s right, Ben Affleck previously appeared in a commercial for WynnBET, the mobile sports betting app for the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas. The Voyage of the Mimi star was, allegedly, a frequent player at the infamous Viper Room, taking part in the poker games dramatized in Molly’s Game. Affleck is actually a pretty good poker player, winning $356,400 from the 2004 California State Poker Championship.

ben affleck jennifer lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli

It’s a good thing that Ben Affleck has his Dunkin’ day job, and commercials, to fall back on, as what looked like a long gig playing Batman was ended, along with fellow DCU actor Henry Cavill’s tenure as Superman, a few months ago. While new DCU boss James Gunn has been cagey about Affleck’s involvement moving forward, it seems more likely that the Argo director will be kept behind the camera. Robert Pattinson’s Batman mini-universe under Matt Reed is the only big-screen version of Bruce Wayne likely to be seen for the foreseeable future, outside of a rumored cameo appearance in The Flash.

Ben Affleck’s biggest project on the books as of now, is Air Jordan, a film about Michael Jordan in which the Runner Runner star will be playing Phil Knight, the former CEO of Nike, along with taking on writing, directing, and producing duties for the film. Until then, stay tuned during Super Bowl LVII, on February 12th to see Ben Affleck and J-Lo’s Dunkin’ commercial.