Ben Affleck Batman Suit In The Flash Gets Best Look Yet, See It Here

Ben Affleck's Batman suit gets its best look yet thanks to a revealed DC Multiverse action figure.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

ben affleck the flash batman

The next time we see Ben Affleck as Batman in The Flash might end up being our last time with him in the suit. The Good Will Hunting star was seen in the Super Bowl trailer sporting a combat bra design, but in the new images we have today, thanks to an action figure, we can tell it’s a Batsuit designed for urban warfare.

Right off the bat, the sleek black design differs from the grey and blue glimpsed in the trailer, which is slightly disappointing as fans love the classic design. Instead, this figure shows a look that could have been from The Dark Knight, with practical greeves and combat boots. The bulky armor look works with what Affleck’s Batman sported in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Turning the figure slightly to the side makes it even more clear that this Ben Affleck Batman suit is designed for heavy combat. We know General Zod is involved in The Flash, so is this Batman geared up for a brawl with a Kryptonian? Or is he on a different plane of existence, leaving Supergirl and Michael Keaton‘s Batman to deal with Zod instead?

Here we see the accessories for the figure, which include…closed fists? That tells us that Affleck’s Batman is ready to throw hands and that you should look for another figure if you want props. The textured cape, which appears to have some weight to it, looks like it could be one of the many versions capable of stopping a bullet.

Finally, the box for the figure is noted as being from the “DC Multiverse,” which we now know is separate from James Gunn’s DCU. Ben Affleck won’t be wearing the Batman suit in the DCU, and it’s not looking like Ezra Miller will make it past this movie as The Flash either. Gunn has been non-committal on the latter point, but lately, the lack of Miller at press events points towards the actor with one foot out the door.

Regardless of what happens with Miller, or The Flash, the upcoming film will set box office records just by having multiple Batmen in it for the first time in history. Spider-Man: No Way Home brought together all the past Peter Parker actors, and now we’re getting two of the five Batman live-action stars (six if you count Gotham) in one place at the same time. Given how the figure on display here doesn’t match Ben Affleck’s Batman suit in the trailer, we may even get costume changes from each Batman.

Considering the character can beat anyone given enough time to prepare, it would be fitting to see a “Hall of Armor” similar to Tony Stark’s multiple suits from Iron Man 3. This would be a fun way to get iterations throughout history, from Year One to The Dark Night Returns, included in the film as easter eggs for the comic fans.

Soon enough, fans will get to see Ben Affleck’s Batman suit in live-action, and we’re certain that The Flash has a host of other unannounced surprises (even the IMDb page isn’t revealing anything), in store for the audience as it ushers in the rebirth of the DCU.