Batwoman Getting A Movie?

By Drew Dietsch | 7 months ago


Batwoman has been one of the fairly successful DC superhero shows on The CW, but a new rumor says that a feature film about the vigilante could be on the way. However, there is one facet to this news that might have fans of the show raising an eyebrow.

Insider Daniel Richtman (via Bounding Into Comics) reports that not only is a Batwoman feature film currently in the works, but it would be a completely new version that would not tie directly to the current television series. Ruby Rose played the character of Kate Kane in the show’s first season, but the actress left the show for a variety of reasons. She is being replaced by a new character, Ryan Wilder, played by Javicia Leslie.

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The speculation is that the Batwoman feature film would focus on the Kate Kane character and that might be why it is being considered for a movie. Kate Kane is considered the original/most definitive persona for the superhero identity, and having her removed from the show might now have opened up the possibility of doing a new version of her in a movie. Could that mean that Ruby Rose would return for a feature film?

Or would this Batwoman movie be a totally new riff on the character? The version in The CW show is more of an original amalgamation than a direct interpretation of the comic book character. Some fans have enjoyed that originality but others are hoping for a cinematic version that feels closer to the comic book character’s origins and adventures.

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It is also unclear if this alleged Batwoman movie would be made for movie theaters – if they are still around – or if the plan is to send it to HBO Max. The streaming platform from WarnerMedia is going to be the destination for a lot of DC superhero properties in the future. It would not be surprising to see something like Batwoman head to HBO Max to see if fans would be supportive of a franchise centered around the character of Kate Kane.

However, it is important to stress that this is nothing but the most ephemeral of rumors at the moment. Could a Batwoman movie be getting bandied about the room over at Warner Bros.? Maybe! Ideas like this get tossed out all the time. Whether or not there is active development on the idea is another question. As of now, there is nothing official being done with this potential feature film.

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It would be cool to see a Batwoman movie, whether or not it has any connection to the television series. The character is more than able to stand on her own outside of her connection to Batman, and it would be great to see her anchor an entire feature film that echoed the kind of energy you’ll see in the best Batwoman comic books. We will simply have to wait and see if this rumor has any legs or if it’s nothing but a shadow in the night.