See Batwoman’s New Black Superhero, Batwing

By Doug Norrie | 5 days ago

Javicia Leslie Batwoman

Batwoman is about to close out its second season on the CW, but before that happens we will be getting another superhero added to the mix. It’s been some time coming, but the show is prepping to introduce Batwing to the mix, a character who will team up with Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder. Though the show has faced a number of different issues over the first two seasons, they are still pushing forward with new characters in an effort to gear up for the third season. 

This new look at Batwing comes from the official Batwoman Twitter account and shows Camrus Johnson about to don the cowl (no cape) for this new character. In the show, he plays Luke Fox, son of Wayne Enterprise mainstay Lucious Fox and is about to take the crimefighter turn for good. Johnson has been part of the show from the beginning as an ally to both versions of Batwoman but is now prepped to be a superhero in his own right. Check out the new look:

The character of Batwing has taken on a number of different iterations from the comic book pages. He’s fashioned much after the Batman character with all the requisite gadgets and fighting skills. In the Luke Fox version he has been supplying Batwoman with Wayne Enterprise firepower and gadgets along the way (like father, like son) but unlike dad has been wanting to get in on the action as well. The show has given him a backstory not dissimilar to that of Bruce Wayne in that he’s looking for vengeance after the loss of his dad in this timeline. 

Though Batwoman is still introducing new characters as it finishes up its second season, the show has faced its fair share of problems over the first two years. For starters, original show star Ruby Rose unexpectedly left the series after the first season, forcing the show to scramble for a way to functionally replace her within the narrative. They did that with Javicia Leslie who took over as Ryan Wilder. 

But the more pressing concern for Batwoman right now is that no one is watching the show. It’s been steadily losing viewers over the course of the second season with ratings beginning to bottom out of late. A couple of weeks ago, episode ratings dipped down to fewer than 400K viewers which represented a new low for the series. Typically this would be the death knell for any series, especially one this early its run. If the numbers are trending in the wrong direction and not sparking a solid fanbase, then it’s an uphill climb. 

That being said, the CW apparently still believes in Batwoman and they’ve renewed it for a third season. It’s one of the reasons we are seeing the introduction of a new character like Batwing right now. It’s a time to try and revitalize the story, one that critics have mostly enjoyed even if the show has struggled to find a core audience. Maybe this new addition is what turns things around.