Batwoman’s TV Series Batmobile Revealed, It’s Awesome

The Batmobile for the new season of Batwoman just got revealed!

By Drew Dietsch | Published

The Batmobile is one of the cornerstones of the entire DC universe. Nearly every iteration of the Bat-family has gotten their own spin on the classic car. Fans have been looking forward to seeing what the television series Batwoman would do with the beloved vehicle, and it looks like the first image of the vigilante’s wagon has been spotted by an intrepid fan.

Twitter user Pagey posted this candid shot of the Batmobile from the new season of Batwoman. Check it out below!

While some of the replies to that tweet seem to be extremely dismissive of the new design, we here at Giant Frakin Robot are on the opposite side of the fence. This is a simplistic yet evocative riff on the Batmobile that fits in perfectly with the color scheme and style of the Batwoman television series. It is going to be very cool to see Batwoman tooling around on the streets in this spiffy piece of hardware.

It is also pretty awesome to see a Batmobile that is clearly hearkening back to one of the most famous iterations of the vehicle. The color scheme is an obvious nod to the 1966 version of the car that was featured in the hit television series Batman. There is no argument that that take on the Caped Crusader’s trusty automobile is one of the most beloved versions of the car in the character’s history. Seeing the Batwoman version of the Batmobile pay tribute to that car makes our nerdy little hearts swell with pride.

batmobile 1966

It will be interesting to see if this version of the Batmobile is as multifaceted as the one featured in the landmark Adam West television series. Does it have a bunch of gadgets and gizmos that will aid Batwoman in her never-ending battle against the criminal underworld? Or is it just a really speedy car that happens to look pretty cool? Either way, it’s an aesthetically pleasing and very cool addition to the ever-expanding library of Batmobiles.

We are looking forward to seeing the new Batwoman, Javicia Leslie, tool around in this stylish new Batmobile. Filming is underway on the new season of Batwoman and Leslie is replacing Ruby Rose as the masked crimefighter. It looks like she is going to be getting some brand new toys to play with as well. Are there other Bat-vehicles we can look forward to in this new season of Batwoman? If a take on the Bat-copter shows up, we might just faint from giddiness.

We will get to see both the new Batmobile and new Batwoman when Batwoman‘s second season premieres in January 2021. We are thankful we won’t have to wait too long to see this beautiful piece of machinery in action. Who is betting on an awesome chase sequence that shows off just how fast and powerful this new Batmobile is? We will keep our fingers crossed for such a scene when the show returns in January. Until then, you can catch us over here singing this all-timer of a theme song: