Batman Projects Coming To Amazon Prime

Two animated movies and the anticipated new series, Batman: Caped Crusader, will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

By Lyndon Nicholas | Published

batman caped crusader

If Superman is DC’s leader in terms of symbolism, Batman is the Tony Stark to Superman’s Captain America and has always been one of the company’s most iconic characters. According to a recent Deadline article, fans who enjoy Batman will want to keep their eyes on Amazon Prime Video. The streamer recently acquired several animated Batman projects, including Merry Little Batman, Bat-Family, and Batman: Caped Crusader.

Merry Little Batman is an animated holiday film that follows the adventures of a young Damian Wayne who, alone in Wayne Manor on Christmas Eve, fights to save Christmas from crooks and grinches by donning the moniker of ‘Little Batman.’ The film is directed by Regular Show’s Mike Roth from a screenplay by Teen Titans Go!’s Morgan Evans.

Bat-Family will continue from the events of the film and explore a more comedic, youth-oriented take on Gotham’s greatest detective. The series will explore the family dynamic between Batman, Alfred, Damian Wayne, and some of the various characters that have appeared as Batman’s allies and close compatriots. Jase Ricci, Mike Roth, and Sam Register are set to executive produce the series.

Batman: Caped Crusader has been rumored for some time now, although it was previously attached to HBO Max before being shipped to Prime Video. It will be an all-new series executive produced by Bruce Timm, J.J. Abrams, and Matt Reeves that in many ways continues the legacy of the critically acclaimed and audience-adored Batman: The Animated Series

batman the animated series
Batman: The Animated Series

Bruce Timm is the mastermind behind many of DC’s most influential and widely adored animated series, including Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, and Justice League, while Abrams is known for his work on the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Cloverfield franchises. Matt Reeves collaborated with Abrams on Cloverfield and the television series Felicity and was the director of 2022’s The Batman. With a stellar team at the helm, it’s no surprise that the series has already been given a two-season order.

Whereas the other two projects will have a lighter tone, Caped Crusader will take on elements of film noir and have a grittier, more nuanced take on the character. The city of Gotham is notoriously rough, and the series promises to inspect the complicated, complex characters that Gotham has to offer. If the tone of the recent Robert Pattinson-led film is any indication, it could be a dark, brooding, and angsty portrayal of the character.

With Batman being one of DC’s most recognizable figures, it is a big deal that Prime Video is becoming the home of multiple projects about the Caped Crusader. DC could see a surge in popularity now that James Gunn is at the helm of the DCU. As streaming services continue to jockey for market share and consumer attention, acquiring rights to DC’s greatest billionaire may be a smart play from Prime Video.