A Man Who Acted In 5 Batman Movies Is Now Third In Line For The Presidency

By Rick Gonzales | 5 months ago

Batman Begins

Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont is a Batman fan. So big, in fact, that Senator Leahy has been part of not one, not two, but five Batman films. This means that the man who is third in line for the U.S. presidency has been in more Batman movies than any actor who actually portrayed the DC comic superhero.

Senator Leahy first became a fan of the Dark Knight when he was four-years-old and was introduced to him through his local public library. He would take that love and interest in Batman and eventually work with DC Comics in 1996. Leahy has always been passionate about doing away with landmines and he got to get his point across when he helped out with the comic Batman: Death of Innocents: The Horror of Landmines. It was Leahy’s belief that Batman would help deliver the message to many about the horrors of landmines. His involvement with the comic book came shortly after Senator Leahy played himself in the 1995 movie Batman Forever, which saw Val Kilmer don the cowl and cape.

Patrick Leahy was elected to the Senate in 1974 and has been serving ever since. He is now the longest-serving member of the Senate, which puts him in the number three spot as president pro tempore of the Senate, right behind Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. As president pro tempore of the Senate, Senator Leahy is recognized constitutionally as an officer who presides over the chamber in the absence of the Vice President. Senator Leahy’s role as president pro tempore is one that is an elected position by the Senate and by custom is one held by the longest-tenured senator of the majority party.

Leahy The Dark Knight

Following the Senator’s portrayal of himself in Batman Forever, he also played himself in the George Clooney-led Batman & Robin. It took a full 11 years, but Senator Leahy was back at it in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, the second movie in Nolan’s trilogy. This time, he was credited simply as “Gentleman at Party.” Senator Leahy had his most memorable moment in any of the five movies when he confronted Heath Ledger’s Joker.

Leahy returned once again at the behest of Nolan for his third movie, The Dark Knight Rises, this time playing “Board Member #2.” Finally, Senator Leahy made his fifth and final showing in a Batman movie so far when he was played Senator Purrington in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Unfortunately for Senator Leahy, his character met an explosive ending when he was blown up in the U.S. Capitol during Superman’s hearing. Senator Leahy also lent his voice to Batman: The Animated Series in the Showdown episode.

Sadly, Senator and Batman star Leahy was in the news recently when the 80-year-old was sent to the hospital shortly after being sworn in to preside over the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. A Leahy spokesperson, David Carle, said in a statement via the Business Insider, “This evening, Sen. Leahy was in his Capitol office and was not feeling well. He was examined in the Capitol by the Attending Physician. Out of an abundance of caution, the Attending Physician recommended that he be taken to a local hospital for observation, where he is now, and where he is being evaluated.” Thankfully, though, the Senator got the all-clear sign. Per Carle, “After getting test results back, and after a thorough examination, Senator Leahy now is home. He looks forward to getting back to work.”

Leahy Batman

Here’s to hoping for a full recovery for Senator Leahy. There is a Batman movie being made right now that just may have a spot for him.