DC Fans Using Batgirl Cancellation For A Strange Reason

The recent abrupt cancelation of the Batgirl movie has caused a very unexpected movement among hardcore DC fans.

By Dan Lawrence | Published

suicide squad ayer cut

There’s nothing DC fans love nothing more than a trending hashtag and the recent cancellation of Batgirl has resurrected the fandom’s keen interest in one of the most divisive of hashtags, #ReleaseTheAyerCut. Screen Rant reports that the trending hashtag, entailing fans demanding that the Suicide Squad Ayer Cut be released. 

Last week, the new ownership team at Warner Bros. Discovery made the shock announcement that the DC movie Batgirl was no more. The $90 million budget film starring Leslie Grace as the titular hero, J K Simmons as Commissioner Gordon and Michael Keaton as Batman was intended for an HBO Max release and potentially a theatrical release as well later this year before the studio pulled the plug citing budget and quality concerns. The axing of Batgirl has had many pondering what that means for the rest of the DCEU, will the likes of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Black Adam be the center of the franchise’s new path, or will it be something else? Fans are hoping that the Suicide Ayer Cut is a part of this plan.

The Twitter account Batgirl Film News believes the cancellation of Batgirl is a stark reminder of how important it is to let directors produce their vision when committing to projects. Warner Bros. stepping in and re-shooting and editing Suicide Squad against the wishes of Director David Ayer became a major talking point and is the reason that calls for the Suicide Squad Ayer Cut have been so strong.

The studio meddling in Suicide Squad and the resultant theatrical cut of the film being so different to what David Ayer intended is evident in @IsaacPRaccount’s Tweet, which shows two versions of the same scene where Jared Leto’s Joker is reunited with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. The theatrical version of the film depicts the pair’s relationship as loving, whereas the Suicide Ayer Cut draws on the abusive nature of the pair’s relationship that is often referred to in DC Comics.

Geralt of North wishes the Suicide Squad Ayer Cut gets a release just so they can witness Ben Affleck deliver some deadpan Batman dialogue. @ramiimad8 just wants the Ayer Cut released so they can see previously unseen footage of Harley Quinn.

As well as wanting to see more of Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad Ayer Cut fans such as @CutAyer want to see more of Quinn and Batman on-screen together, in the theatrical version of Suicide Squad, Batman’s role was reduced to that of a cameo, perhaps the Ayer cut would be able to change that? Alexandre of the SnyderVerse wants not only the Ayer cut to be released, but for Warner Bros. to revert back to the original SnyderVerse plan of DC films.

The old SnyderVerse plan of DCEU films is reminiscent of the type of planning that is in place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is said Warner Bros. Discovery is looking to replicate this sort of structure and interconnectivity going forward. Time will tell if the Suicide Squad Ayer Cut will find a place within this new structure.