The Fate of Barry Season 4 Has Been Decided

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago


Barry is arguably the best show that HBO has going for it currently. The Bill Hader-led masterpiece has been critically acclaimed and lauded by many people. However, it took quite some time for Barry Season 3 to actually to fruition, as the pandemic all but halted many shows and films. The second season of the series ended on a massive cliffhanger back in May of 2019. Three years later, we have season three. Also, the pandemic restrictions and issues have slowed down quite a bit since then too, which leads to the best news possible for the show. Barry Season 4 is happening, as confirmed by HBO.

Barry is currently in the middle of season three, which just began on April 24th. The long three-year wait was enough for all parties concerned, and it seems that HBO knows what the people want, as Barry Season 4 has been approved. The new season will begin production in June of this year, and Bill Hader will star in and direct all eight episodes of the new season. Instead of having to way an ungodly amount of time for the next season to air, we can predict that the fourth season will air on HBO sometime in Q1 of next year. Meaning episodes will begin to come out anywhere from January to April of 2023. That is certainly not as bad as waiting three years for such a fantastic series.

Barry follows Barry Berkman, a hitman who has all but lost his ambition to kill people for a living. The man has lost his taste for killing and has now turned his life around to become an actor after he stumbles upon an acting class while chasing down a man he has been tasked to kill. As one might guess, things don’t go so smoothly for someone who is just attempting to throw away a life of contract killing, to become an actor. Each season brings with it a high level of drama and comedy, as Barry tries to balance the life of contract killing with his dreams of becoming a big actor. Barry Season 4 will certainly continue this ridiculous adventure.

Barry stars Bill Hader, Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg, Anthony Carrigan, Henry Winkler, and D’Arcy Carden. The series currently has two seasons available to stream on HBO and HBO Max, with both being eight episodes each. Eight episodes is not a lot to think about when it comes to catching up on shows. Each episode is also around 30 minutes long, so what we are saying is that everyone should be watching this series. It’s that good. The first two seasons have received 30 Emmy nominations and 6 Emmy wins. Barry Season 4 will likely be just as amazing, and this time Bill Hader is directing all the episodes.

Barry Season 4 begins production this summer, so we can expect to see it sometime in early 2023. At least, that is the hope. We would all rather not wait another three years for this show to return. Don’t do that, HBO. For those who have not seen it, you can catch up on the first two seasons right now, and the third season that is ongoing. Episodes air every Sunday. This is not a public service announcement that everyone should be watching Barry, but it is.