See Barry Keoghan As Joker For DC

By Doug Norrie | 7 seconds ago

barry koeghan

When Robert Pattinson’s The Batman finally hits screens next year, we are going to be treated to an entirely new world of Gotham City around the Caped Crusader. It’s going to mean all new faces for very familiar characters and a totally new look and feel for this franchise, different than really anything we’ve seen up until this point. One of the new cast members for this franchise is Barry Keoghan who is reported to be playing an officer in the Gotham City Police Department. But there has been increasing speculation that he is really going to be playing a much more infamous character, someone who will take a larger role as the budding franchise moves forward. That could be as the Joker and we are getting a chance to see what it might look like. 

The latest art comes from the Instagram account @m.design34 and it gives a glimpse of Barry Keoghan in the full Joker clown makeup. It’s more than a little off-putting, but that’s kind of the point with this character. The Clown Prince of Crime is supposed to be unsettling a maniacal madman who comes as one of Batman’s fiercest opponents. He’s crazy and cunning, dark and disturbed. This very much looks like the vibe given off in this new artwork. Check it out:

barry keoghan joker

The new image of Barry Keoghan as Joker comes on the heels of the report over the weekend that the studio is now considering two different versions of The Batman for when it releases next year. Though not named specifically, it is thought that one of the versions will include Keoghan as Joker in some respect. THR mentioned this in their reporting calling the choice around a “certain character” making an appearance as part of the central choice. And the reason Keoghan is rumored as Joker is, in part, because his brother had tweeted out (now deleted) an exciting message saying Barry was going to play Joker in the franchise. This “leak” clearly wasn’t supposed to happen in the first place. 

Even if Barry Keoghan were to appear as Joker in The Batman when it finally hits the big screen, it’s unlikely to be in any kind of a major way. That’s because the movie already has a huge cast of villains in the world around Batman. Following the Caped Crusader’s second year on the “job”, this movie will introduce Selena Kyle/ Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz), Oswald Cobblepot/ Penguin (Colin Farrell), Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), and the primary bad guy Riddler (Paul Dano). The latter is said it be a murderous serial kill, a much more violent and demented version of the character than what we’ve seen in the past. 

In all, it won’t be long now until we know for certain what the plan is for Barry Keoghan and whether or not we will see him as Joker. The Batman is (finally) set for release on March 4, 2022. It will open up a whole new universe and a different version of the story than what we have seen in the past.