The Back To The Future Trilogy Just Became Available On Your Favorite Streaming Platform

By Jason Collins | 2 months ago

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The Back to the Future trilogy is possibly one of the most famous film franchises based on the concept of time travel and some of its implications. The franchise initially gained traction in the1980s, with the first film’s release, and remained immensely popular to this day. Now, the Back to the Future trilogy just became available on your favorite streaming platform, Netflix.

Back to the Future, mostly described as a science fiction adventure comedy movie romp, follows the duo Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown, as they use a DeLorean time machine to time travel through different adventures. The first Back to the Future movie was released in 1985, and its story follows Marty’s adventures as he accidentally travels through time to 1955. This opens up a series of mishaps and problems for Marty, as his mother Lorraine falls in love with him upon his arrival, rather than his father George MacFly, which threatens to cause a paradox, ceasing Marty’s existence.

Without enough fuel for the time machine (plutonium), and with a time paradox upon him, Marty has to find the 1995 Doc Brown, to help him return to 1985, all the while helping his parents fall in love with one another and helping his father stand up to a bully. In the movie’s closing scenes, Doc Brown appears in the DeLorean time machine and tells Marty and his girlfriend Jennifer that they must travel to the future to fix a problem caused by Marty and Jennifer’s children. Sounds like a good time on your streaming platform, doesn’t it?

Back to the Future

The 1989’s Back to the Future Part II opens up exactly where the first movie ended, with Doc, Marty, and Jennifer traveling to 2015, where they find Marty’s family in ruins. They quickly rectify the situation but unwillingly cause a myriad of other problems, including the death of Marty’s father at the hands of the bully Marty helped him confront back in the first film. They once again manage to rectify the situation, but an accident involving the DeLorean time machine sends Doc back to 1985 but leaves Marty stranded in a time in which he doesn’t belong. This fantastically interloped story sets the stage for the third Back to the Future film which you can slide right into on Netflix streaming.

Back to the Future Part III was released in 1990, where the audience saw Marty trying to get back to his time and unraveling the mess caused by the events of the second film. Naturally, this involves jumping to several timelines, including a melee battle between United States Calvary and American Indians, which rendered the time machines’ engine useless, making it incapable of jumping through time. Through a series of events, Marty manages to get back to 1985, but the DeLorean gets destroyed beyond repair, leaving Marty worried about Doc being stuck in the past. However, Doc appears in a new time machine, modeled after a locomotive, saying that nobody knows their future so that they must make it a good one. With that, the locomotive flies away, ending the trilogy.

The trilogy’s first movie was an absolute box office success and a highest-grossing film of 1985, leading to back-to-back sequels that couldn’t really measure to the success of the first film, at least not at the box office. However, the audience loved them, and the trilogy remains incredibly popular to this day. It yielded several spin-offs, including an animated series, a motion-simulation ride, a video game, and a stage musical. The entire trilogy is considered a landmark of American cinema and an enduring pop-culture touchstone, so grand that it might never get a reboot or a remake.

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Yes, you’ve read that right; Robert Zemeckis, the co-writer, director, and holder of the absolute rights to an entire Back to the Future franchise, stated that he’d block all attempts to remake or reboot the franchise or any of its parts. According to some rumors, actor Tom Holland was approached by an unnamed producer over a possible reboot, offering him the lead role as Marty McFly. Still, he refused, describing the original movies as “perfect” – and he’s probably right. Back to the Future is more than a simple trilogy; it’s a piece of cultural, historical, and aesthetical significance. Why? The trilogy just became available on Netflix streaming, so hop there and see for yourself.