A Baby-Yoda Inspired Character Will Show Up On Legends Of Tomorrow

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

baby yoda

Legends of Tomorrow is gearing up for its sixth season of time-traveling and timeline resetting. It’s been a good run so far with plenty of heroes and laughs along the way. This season should have even more of the same, though this time they are going to be getting an assist from a Star Wars character. It looks like there is a special episode planned that will involve an animatronic that very closely resembles Baby Yoda. Are we going full Force with this next season? No, But there’s going to be a hat tip at least to that universe. 

Legends of Tomorrow involves the superheroes in the series skipping around through time, trying to clear up aberrations in the timeline in order to save the world. It’s a complicated process that has seen itself play out in a number of ways during the first five seasons. And in it, they’ve also engaged in the biggest battles between good and evil. It’s a pretty wide-ranging show, though can get tongue-in-cheek sometimes. This is likely where Baby Yoda fits in. Supposedly, it’s not the actual little Jedi, but rather an animatronic one that will play into the plot line somehow. 

And how do you know that Legends of Tomorrow is just looking to have a little fun with the Star Wars universe as well as fans who almost definitely have knowledge of this cute little character? Apparently, this version of Baby Yoda will be a female version of the character. Sister perhaps? It looks like they are trying to make it very clear that they aren’t infringing on any copyright laws (duh) and want to most play up the humorous angle of the story. 

legends of tomorrow

According to this rumor, the Legends of Tomorrow episode in question will involve Baby Yoda innocently messing up everything around her for the entirety with the rest of the team having to consistently clean up the mess she made. Sound familiar? It almost sounds like a Baby Groot/ Baby Yoda mash-up in this sense with possibly a level of impishness we haven’t quite seen from The Mandalorian character. It specifically will alter Behrad Tarazi’s timeline, he who’s been resurrected time and time again on the show. 

Of course, Baby Yoda isn’t becoming a Legends of Tomorrow character by any means. This is merely a nod to the character, something the latter show has done in the past a few times. That being said, it’s unclear what happens with the Baby Yoda character now on his original show, The Mandalorian. When we’d last seen him, he was being whisked away by none other than Luke Skywalker in the season two finale episode “Chapter 16: The Rescue”. It’s not clear if we will see him again in that universe. 

baby yoda star wars

Both Legends of Tomorrow and The Mandalorian are gearing up for their next seasons. The former is set to start its sixth season on May 2nd of this year. Meanwhile, no set time is out there on The Mandalorian’s third season or whether Baby Yoda will be involved at all. But it’s cool we’ll get to see he/she in the Arrowverse at least for, what should be a very funny, episode.