Avengers: Secret Wars Is Not Being Release On Time

Avengers: Secret Wars has now been delayed to May 5, 2026.

By Joshua Jones | Updated

Oh, dear. Marvel Studios has officially moved the release date of their final phase 6 film Avengers: Secret Wars. The epic MCU project was supposed to hit cinemas on November 7th, 2025. According to Variety, it will instead release the following year on May 5th, 2026. The news comes after it was reported that the director of the upcoming MCU Blade movie had left the project mere weeks before it was about to go into production.

MCU boss Kevin Feige announced an Avengers: Secret Wars movie at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con. In addition to Secret Wars, Feige also announced a second Avengers film, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, which was scheduled to come out months before Secret Wars. Both mega-blockbuster films were stated to be the end of what Feige coined the Multiverse Sage in the MCU.


It’s been no secret that many longtime MCU apologists have been divided over the shows and films that have come out during phase 4. The recent Disney+ series, She-Hulk, has sparked intense discussions among fans and even the actors on the show. Avengers: Secret Wars looked to be the film that would’ve calmed much of the discourse online and reminded longtime MCU fans of what the franchise is capable of.

But now that Avengers: Secret Wars has suffered the dreaded delay, one has to wonder how this will only add fuel to the already heated debate. For months, Fans have pondered where the MCU was heading after the culmination of phase 3 with Avengers: Endgame. One of the big complaints regarding the franchise right now is that it doesn’t seem like a cohesive story is being told or that all the projects on both the small and big screen are leading toward an end goal.

While Avengers: Secret Wars may be delayed, that doesn’t mean it’s outright canceled. Details regarding the huge MCU flick are still unknown. The only information we have is that Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness screenwriter Michael Waldron have been hired to write the screenplay.

The announcement of Avengers: Secret Wars being delayed was part of a massive reshuffling of Disney’s upcoming release schedule. In addition to Secret Wars, Disney shifted Blade from November 3rd, 2023, to September 6th, 2024, taking Deadpool 3’s date. The Ryan Reynolds superhero sequel will now make its way to cinemas on November 8th, 2024.

Two other untiled MCU projects were also affected by the reshuffling, with one of them erased from Disney’s release calendar completely. We’ll have to see if the Avengers: Secret Wars delay causes any production issues for other MCU-related projects. The story is so massive and involves so many characters that it’s unlikely the delay doesn’t at least cause some problems in the future.

In the 1985 Secret Wars comic event, a cosmic entity known as the Beyonder teleports a group of heroes and villains to a planet called Battleworld. The Beyonder forces these characters to battle amongst themselves and against aliens on the planet. Whether Avengers: Secret Wars will take inspiration from the 1985 comic book story is unknown.

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