Avatar 3 Can’t Be Stopped, No Matter How Much The First Sequel Fails

Avatar 3 is 95% done and is likely to be released even if Avatar 2 is a flop.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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James Cameron has been quite adamant in stating that if Avatar 2 is not a massive hit, then he is likely going to end the franchise. However, he did mention that no matter what happens, Avatar 3 was still going to be shown to the world. Now, that fact has been confirmed by producer Jon Landau, who stated that the third film is, “95% done.”

Landau added, “We went out and we shot all of movie 2…we shot 95% of movie 3. We have a little bit that we have to still pick up, and we shot the first act of movie 4.” The good news from his statement is that no matter what happens, the world is at least going to see Avatar 3, even if that movie will end this budding franchise.

Cameron had stated that Avatar: The Way of Water would need to become the fourth highest-grossing movie ever made for it to break even, but as it stands right now, that does not look like it will be the case. The new Avatar is not currently breaking records, but that could be because it’s been 13 years since we saw the world of Pandora, or because the new movie runs at a whopping 3 hours and 12 minutes. Still, no matter what happens, Cameron says that he may end the story with Avatar 3.

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Avatar: The Way of Water has already made $555 million in worldwide box office numbers, and much like its predecessor, it could just be taking a while to reach those historic numbers. The world is currently dealing with the holidays, especially in the states, and people might just be getting ready to spend time with their families. Christmas is usually a huge day for the movies, so it could be that people are waiting until this weekend to see the sequel, which would then bode well for Avatar 3 and everything that is meant to follow.

The rumored budget for Avatar: The Way of Water was $350 million, making it the fourth most expensive movie ever made. The movie business is a business, so it stands to reason that no studio is going to want to back anything past Avatar 3 if the current sequel can’t live up to expectations and at least turn a profit. Again, the movie still has plenty of time to make more money, so we could be seeing one of the best comeback stories of the new year.

Avatar 3 is 95% done, but that also does mean that any studio will want to release the movie, should Avatar 2 turn into the flop that everyone thinks it might be. Hopefully, Cameron is given the chance to somewhat end his story, despite already writing and working on sixth and seventh sequels, as well.

For those who are fans of the Avatar world, you might want to go out and see the new movie a few more times, that way the franchise can live on past Avatar 3. However, it appears that we are at least going to see one more trip back to Pandora no matter how much Avatar 2 flops.