Avatar 2 Has Defeated Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Avatar 2, has surpassed The Avengers with the 10th-highest box office gross of all time.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

The day has finally come when The Avengers domestic box office numbers have been surpassed by Avatar 2 as reported by Variety. The film, directed by James Cameron, has already generated $623.5 million domestically, taking the spot as 10th-highest grossing domestic release of all time from The Avengers. This comes as no surprise to loyal fans of the Avatar franchise as the release of the long-awaited sequel was highly anticipated by many. 

The film is breaking records globally, as well. Currently, the film stands as the fourth-biggest movie in history. Avatar 2 has already generated a whopping $2.128 billion. The first installment sits at number three on the list at $2.92 billion. So far the only films to beat out an Avatar movie globally are the wildly popular Avengers: Endgame and the classic Titanic. 

Internationally fans came out in droves to support Avatar 2, bringing it over $2 billion in near record time. The only film to hit the $2 billion mark faster is Avengers: Endgame. The stratospheric success of this movie has led some movie-goers to question how the film became so wildly successful.

The rights to the Avatar franchise are currently held by Disney, who acquired them in 2019 after buying 20th Century Fox. If there is one thing Disney knows how to do, it’s how to generate buzz and excitement over highly anticipated releases. The studio was behind the release of the wildly popular Avenger: Endgame as well as Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens and Avengers: Infinity War.

Disney spent an astronomical $460 million to produce and promote Avatar 2, making the film one of the most expensive movies ever to be produced. Disney also had time on their side to help generate excitement for the film’s release. The first Avatar movie came out 13 years prior in 2009. Loyal fans had years to generate anticipation for the next installment. 

Releases in IMAX and 3D helped boost ticket sales along with fan excitement and stellar marketing. Disney created the perfect storm to allow Avatar 2 to become a massive success at the box office and beat out The Avengers domestically.

Luckily for fans that spent the past 13 years waiting for Avatar 2, it does not appear that it will take that long for Avatar 3 to be released. Disney already set a release date for the third installment for sometime in December of 2024. Additionally, a fourth and fifth movie can be expected in the years to follow. 

The Avatar franchise takes a bold environmental spin on the science fiction genre. The first film followed the war between the indigenous population of Pandora as they fought human colonists inhabiting ​​remotely controlled, genetically engineered Na’vi bodies. The second installment takes place over a decade later and follows the RDA’s newest attempt to wage war for Pandora’s resources. 

There is no word yet on what will happen in the third film just yet. The only thing director James Cameron has said yet is that the film will follow the Sully family’s children. Eager fans cannot wait until late 2024 when they can see the film for themselves and launch Avatar 2 higher in the charts.