See The Austin Powers Cast Reunite To Save The World

By Erika Hanson | 3 months ago

austin powers mike myers

Who cares about a Super Bowl when there’s a menacing freakin’ evil set to save the world? And then take it over, of course. That sentiment is surely felt by fans of the beloved Austin Powers franchise as they prepare for Mike Myers to reprise his infamous Dr. Evil role and reunite with costars Seth Green, Rob Lowe, and Mindy Sterling. At the start of the week, General Motors first teased viewers on their social media platforms with a glimpse of the naive evil mastermind leading the car company’s upcoming commercial spots in this Sunday’s Super Bowl game. Now, GM is delivering more teasers and leaving us wondering what exactly they plan on airing this Sunday that we haven’t already seen online. 

See the full Austin Powers clip below.

The new 1-minute long trailer shows Dr. Evil and his ragtag minion crew inside the high-rise GM headquarters, having taken over the company. Still, with no sign of the series titular character, Austin Powers, the franchise’s protagonist is joined once again by Seth Green as Dr. Evil’s son, Scott Evil, Rob Lowe as Number 2, and Mindy Sterling as Frau Farbissina. In perfect honor of the late Verne Troyer who famously depicted Dr. Evil’s Mini-Me, the commercial also teased a newcomer to the evil gang that could even knock Baby Yoda out of his beloved stardom. The newcomer in question is Baby-Me, a likely CGI-created baby with the face of Dr. Evil.

With the new clip depicting the Evil crew of Austin Powers taking over General Motors, the gang looks for ways to incorporate GM’s Ultium platform of batteries for electric cars to take over the world. In her perfect dominating vixen manner, Frau Farbissina cuts in advising Dr. Evil to first save the world with eco-friendly cars before taking it over. Showing that 20 years can’t break the perfect bond shared between Mike Myers and Seth Green, the father-son duo dive into their typical banter and arguments bringing in nostalgic catchphrases mixed in with fresh new quips. The clip ends with the group heading off into GM’s showcasing of electronic vehicles as Dr. Evil declares “We’re going all-electric” before taking Scott’s baby from him for a ride-along. 

Ramping up hype on GM’s electronic car lineup, General Motors is utilizing the nostalgia fans of the Austin Powers franchise remembered to push the company’s dive into rebranding the car mogul into a green-friendly business. With the company recently pledging to go all-electric by 2035, Austin Power’s Dr. Evil is the perfect platform to tantalize the public. While plenty of companies have utilized pop culture characters in the past for Super Bowl ad features, General Motors has a heads up in the game by tasking Mike Myers himself with helping out on writing the script for the advertisements. Speaking with Variety, Seth Green said that Mike took a “first-hand, personal interest” in shaping the script. 

The recent reunion of the Austin Powers cast can’t help but leave us wondering if Mike Myers and the crew are indeed gearing up for another installment in the franchise. While it’s been twenty years since the third installment debuted, the topic of a fourth film has always remained in talks with both director Jay Roach and Mike Myers. Speaking with Access in 2018, Mike Myers took the time to reiterate how busy his director counterpart Jay Roach had been in recent years, he said the movie was “looking good” but took a long time to write. Furthermore, Myers often discussed creating another film with the point of view of Dr. Evil instead. With the introduction of a new family member, we can’t help but wonder, and hope, that the sure success for GM and Austin Powers will rekindle hope for a new installment.