Aubrey Plaza Reveals Why She Joined The MCU

Aubrey Plaza says the main reason she chose to join the cast of Agatha: Coven of Chaos was for the chance to once more work with Kathryn Hahn.

By Michileen Martin | Published

Aubrey Plaza of Parks & Recreation fame made a lot of fans very happy last week when it was confirmed she had joined the cast of the upcoming Disney+ series Agatha: Coven of Chaos. Now, the actress is opening up about why she decided to join the series and it has nothing to do with the outside chance of reuniting with her Parks husband Chris Pratt, who of course plays Star-Lord in the MCU. Instead, Plaza says she joined the series mainly because it gave her a chance to work with its star, Kathryn Hahn.

Speaking on the podcast In the Envelope, Aubrey Plaza said that while “it’s cool that it’s Marvel and all that,” collaborating with Hahn was the main reason she signed on. “She’s one of the most incredible actresses that’s working today,” Plaza said.

“She’s a friend of mine,” Aubrey Plaza continued. “She speaks my language. To be able to get onscreen with her and go toe-to-toe with her is what’s driving me.”

By the way, no, Aubrey Plaza hasn’t forgotten Kathryn Hahn’s recurring role of cutthroat campaign manager Jennifer Barkley on Parks & Recreation. But Plaza says while they shared “a couple moments” in the sitcom, she’s “never gotten to work with her, really.”

Aubrey Plaza also talked a little bit about her Agatha role, saying that it’s “a fun character” and that “it’s all coming together for me with this part.” There’s already been some interesting speculation about Plaza’s villainous role. Here’s a hint: a lot of fans are wondering about Plaza’s first Marvel role.

aubrey plaza
Aubrey Plaza in Legion

That’s right: while it wasn’t a part of the MCU, Aubrey Plaza’s first Marvel role was as the Shadow King in FX’s Legion, based on the character who is Professor X’s insanely powerful and mentally ill son in Marvel Comics. Some invested fans like TikTok’s jstoobs are theorizing–or just hoping real hard–that Plaza will be reprising the role for Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

@jstoobs I know this won’t happen but wouldn’t it be amazing?? #aubreyplaza #mcu #marvel #film ♬ original sound – stoobs

What makes this seem even more possible, as jstoobs mentions in the video above, is that in the comics the Shadow King is a powerful entity that exists in every part of the narrative’s Multiverse. And with the MCU’s current focus on the Multiverse, it would seem a fitting time for Aubrey Plaza to reprise that role. Not to mention that the Shadow King is traditionally an X-Men villain, and those heroes seem to be inching closer and closer to their MCU debut.

Regardless of who Aubrey Plaza is playing in Agatha: Coven of Chaos, her casting in the series can only be more good news for a show that already looks incredibly promising. Kathryn Hahn was the runaway star of last year’s WandaVision, as the traditional nosy neighbor who is unveiled as the villain. The song celebrating her reveal, “Agatha All Along,” wound up being one of the biggest earworms of, well… ever.