First Footage From Attack On Titan’s Part 3 Of Its Final Season

In a short behind the scenes teaser, watch the creative team behind Attack on Titan hard at work, with a few glimpses of upcoming key scenes and characters in the final season.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

attack on titan

Attack on Titan is the largest anime in the world, with a following so large, that it rivals Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. A short teaser posted by NHK, a Japanese Public Broadcaster, has been viewed over 300,000 times on Twitter, despite just showing animators working on creating the anime. Keen eyed fans have picked out hints of what’s to come in part 3 of season 4, finally bringing the epic story to a climatic conclusion.

Though the video does not show the finished project, it is amazing watching the dedicated animators at work, including the process to get the unique Titans looking both powerful, and disgusting, at the same time. Attack on Titan’s manga, the source material for the anime, finished its North American run on April 9th, 2021, which means readers of the manga have been able to identify which chapters some of the frames being worked on are from: allegedly 131,132 and 133. Also making a quick appearance, is a Beast Titan, a special form that has animal characteristics, ranging from ape-like capabilities to a rumored bird form.

Attack on Titan starts out with the last remnants of humanity living behind a series of three massive walls, protecting the Eldians from the Titans, giants that eat humans on sight. The outermost wall, Wall Maria, is breached by the largest Titan seen to date, a Colossal Titan, soon overrunning the home town of the series protagonist, Eren Yeager. Attracting the attention of the Survey Corps, Eren seeks to reach his childhood home’s basement and uncover his father’s secret knowledge, buried beneath the devastated village.

attack on titan
Eren facing off against a Titan in Attack on Titan

The plot takes off from that simple beginning, with the last part of season 4 promising to bring epic battles and world-shattering conflict. Attack on Titan, starting from the simple perspective of Eren, expands over time to go beyond the walls, beyond the ocean, and uncovering the dark secrets of where Titans came from, why they exist, and the horrible lengths required to stop them. With amazing animation supporting the fantastic storyline, the anime achieved some incredible milestones in the United States, competing directly with the MCU.

Attack on Titan’s season 4 part 1, released in 2021, was the most streamed series in the United States until The Falcon and the Winter Soldier took the top spot. The anime holds a Guinness World Record for the 2021 Most In-Demand Anime TV Show, and finished the year as the Most In-Demand TV Show overall, beating out every Disney+ series, every Netflix original, and every other show airing in North America. Multiple web sites, magazines, and critic organizations have named Attack on Titan the best anime of 2010-2020, with the upcoming season expected to win even more awards.

Those interested in checking out Attack on Titan can stream the series on Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. Episodes are available in a mixture of dubs (English voices) and subs (Japanese voices, English subtitles), with season 4 part 3 airing at some point in 2023. For those that can’t wait, the 36 volume manga is available in bookstores, libraries, and online retailers across the country.