We Finally Know When Attack On Titan Final Season The Final Chapters Will Be In English

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Attack on Titan

When people talk about entering their “villain era,” the simple truth is that they have nothing on the Attack on Titan protagonist-turned-final-boss Eren Yeager. The character started out wanting to destroy the Titans, but in THE FINAL CHAPTERS, we learn more about his real plan to use a power called The Rumbling to destroy most of humanity. Anime dub fans have been understandably waiting to see how the story ends, and here’s some good news: according to Crunchyroll, fans can view the dub on the streaming service on Sunday, September 10, at 10:30 Pacific Time.

The first part of Attack on Titan THE FINAL CHAPTERS has been available with subtitles for a while, but the English-dubbed version will soon arrive on Crunchyroll.

Watching the dubbed finale of Attack on Titan is so exciting for fans because this anime series has taken some wild twists and turns over the last few seasons. When the show first started, the premise was relatively simple: all of humanity must live in walled cities designed to protect them from Titans, which were viewed as little more than mindless killing machines. When Titans manage to breach these walls, it’s up to a new generation of Scouts to master the use of omnidirectional gear and bring these monsters down for the sake of humanity.

attack on titan rumbling
Attack on Titan

It didn’t take long, though, for Attack on Titan to present one crazy plot twist after another. For example, we discover that there are intelligent Titans with special powers and their own hidden agenda. We also learn more about the origin of the Titans, including the fact that all of them were once Eldians, and this fact becomes a crucial part of protagonist Eren Yeager’s journey into villainy.

Watching the dubbed finale of Attack on Titan is so exciting for fans because this anime series has taken some wild twists and turns over the last few seasons.

In later seasons of Attack on Titan, Eren discovers more about his Eldian heritage and even discovers that he has an Eldian half-brother, Zeke Yeager (who controls the powerful Beast Titan). Zeke is playing a long game that involves ultimately euthanizing all of the remaining Eldians, which would ultimately end the Titan threat at the cost of committing genocide. However, Eren ends up hatching his own plan which is both more ambitious and much more monstrous.

In short, his plan is to abuse the powers of the Founding Titan to unleash The Rumbling, which will unleash all of the Colossal Titans throughout the world to kill all of humanity except for Paradis Island, the Eldian island that Eren and his friends were raised in. Attack on Titan has made it clear that this will kill about 80 percent of the world’s population, but Eren sees it as the only way to protect Eldians from the rest of the world. Dark irony: the man who pledged to destroy the Titans is now dead set on destroying the vast majority of humanity. 

Attack on Titan’s hero, Eren Yeager, started out wanting to destroy all Titans, but now, he will destroy all of humanity.

Fans of the excellent dub will get to see the beginning of the end when Attack on Titan: THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 1 drops on Crunchyroll this Sunday, September 10, at 10:30 Pacific Time. If you’re impatient, you can always read the manga and see how Eren’s apocalyptic plan really plays out. But by tuning into the final onscreen adventures of Eren and his former friends, fans can discover once and for all whether the anime faithfully adapts the manga or makes any significant changes to the controversial ending of this epic saga.