Arrowverse Star Making Surprise Return To Legends of Tomorrow

By James Brizuela | 14 seconds ago

legends of tomorrow Arrowverse

Sometimes comic book deaths and revivals can be a bit confusing as heroes and villains are killed off, only to return in some strange way. And sometimes different iterations come into play via a multiverse type situation. Either way, fans of Eobard Thawne aka Reverse-Flash will be happy to know that the character is set to return to Legends of Tomorrow and the Arrowverse. How and why that is set to happen sounds a bit messy, but the character will be revived in a sense to take place in a plot point for the new shows. Matt Letscher is set to reprise his role as the fan-favorite character. The episode in which we will see the return of Thawne is set to air on January 26th and is titled “The Fixed Point.” Is anyone getting Flashpoint Paradox vibes? Arrowverse fans eat your heart out.

Now to get to the messy part. The entire relationship of Eobard Thawne to the Arrowverse is odd and muddy. The character was essentially wiped off the face of the world in which he existed. Legends of Tomorrow is now bringing him back in some way. How and why is likely to be answered when the episode airs. The small synopsis for “The Fixed Point” says that the heroes find themselves in a bar that is frequented by time-travelers. So, could this be an alternate version of Reverse-Flash?

The following episode’s synopsis that airs on February 2nd explains a bit more about his involvement with the group. “Rage against the Machines” is the title and the synopsis is as follows: in which the Legends — with the help of said speedster — break a fixed point and thus create an aberration that will attract the Evil Waverider. The Legends in turn are shocked to realize who has been hunting them, after which Sara attempts to broker a negotiation… which doesn’t go as planned. Such is the case with the Arrowverse.

It sounds as if the Reverse-Flash in the Arrowverse is going to do what he can to sabotage the heroes. Who saw that one coming? What is strange about the look of Eobard in Legends of Tomorrow, is that he stole the face of Harrison Wells using a transmogrifier, who is played by Tom Cavanagh. However, he still looks like Matt Letscher. The version of Reverse-Flash that looked like Letscher was the iteration that was wiped out of existence, so any future version should and would look like him. However, when the “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover event happened in the Arrowverse, The Flash still had Thawne look like Tom Cavanagh. Yeah, this is messy, so do your best to just let it go and understand that Letscher is back.

The Arrowverse multiverse as a plot point isn’t specific to this franchise. The majority of superhero-based shows and films are basing their core story on this premise, for now. So the returning Eobard Thawne, as Matt Letscher, is just something that fans are going to have to allow to happen. The Arrowverse is likely to bring back long-gone heroes and villains again at some point, so maybe some more fan-favorites will be returning to some other shows besides Legends of Tomorrow. Bringing back Gorilla Grodd wouldn’t be a terrible idea.