Arrow’s Stephen Amell Maybe Destroyed His Life And Career, Trying to Make Amends

By Kristi Eckert | 21 seconds ago

stephen amell

Actor Stephen Amell’s claim to fame was his eight-season-long stint portraying Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) on The CW’s Arrow. Since the conclusion of Arrow, he has gone to work on other prominent projects, including the movie Code 8, and is currently acting on Starz’s wrestling-centric show called Heels. However, an incident, just two months prior, that ultimately resulted in him being removed from a Delta Airlines flight could have genuinely cost him his entire life and career. Stephen Amell is now reflecting on what happened and recently spoke candidly about the matter on friend and fellow actor Michael Rosenbaum’s podcastInside of You.

Stephen Amell initially admitted to the incident on his Twitter account after news spread online that he was “forcibly” removed. However, he didn’t provide any specific details about what happened before he was asked to leave the plane other than that he was arguing with his wife and that he had let his emotions cloud his judgment. 

Since posting the tweet, Stephen Amell has been relatively tight-lipped on the matter until he decided to open up on Rosenbaum’s podcast. It is clear that the actor has been deeply reflecting on what could have possibly happened had things gone even just a little differently. The Hollywood Reporter broke down what Stephen Amell shared in the episode. During the episode, he admitted that “I had too many drinks, and I had too many drinks in a public place.” He went on to say that because of his alcohol intake, he could not actually even remember what the argument with his wife was about or what caused him to get upset in the first place.

Stephen Amell continued to detail that it had been a long time since he had acted like that in public, indicating that he has matured since his youth and that he sincerely regrets that the incident happened and that it impacted not only himself but also his wife. He was apologetic, and it was wholly apparent that the actor not only understands but had been further humbled by the gravity of not only what he did but also what could have happened. 

stephen amell

Even though Stephen Amell is clearly ashamed of his public descent, it has not stopped the actor from focusing on maintaining the life and career he has built. He is currently working alongside his cousin Robbie Amell on a sequel to Code 8, currently titled Code 8: Part II. Which, according to IMDb, continues the superhero story of a girl seeking vengeance for her brother who was murdered by a band of crooked cops.

Fans who are missing Stephen Amell as the Green Arrow — as well as the found family who helped him as Team Arrow — can look forward to seeing other former Arrow actors return for a crossover event on the eighth season of The Flash. Both Mia Queen (Katherine McNamara) and Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) are set to appear, as well as Damien Dahrk (Neal McDonough), who was the Green Arrow’s main adversary during the show’s sixth season.