Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Shocking Reason Why Twins 2 Is Dead

Arnold Schwarzenegger says Ghostbusters: Afterlife director Jason Reitman was the one who shelved Triplets, the long awaited sequel to Twins.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

Arnold Schwarzenegger Twins 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently revealed that he was done with the Terminator franchise, and it seems another iconic film from the 80s action star won’t be getting a sequel either as, sadly, Twins 2 has been put on hold indefinitely. The Mr. Olympia-champion-turned-actor-turned-politician-turned-back-to-actor spoke candidly about his disappointment that the Twins sequel, Triplets, was no longer in the works. According to, the film was well on its way to the production lot before producer Jason Reitman put an end to the idea.

Just before Christmas in 1988, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito took over the box office when their crime comedy, Twins, blew all competition out of the water and earned a whopping $216.6 million on an $18 million budget. Since then, the film has become a classic, with fans wondering when a sequel would be in the works. In March 2012, Universal announced Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito had signed on for Twins 2, with the original director, Ivan Reitman, set to reclaim his seat in the director’s chair. 

arnold schwarzenegger twins 2
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins (1988)

Despite being green-lit, it took six years before Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Twins 2 announced that a script was completed. While the first movie followed Schwarzenegger’s Julius getting in touch with his long-lost fraternal twin brother Vincent (DeVito), the third movie was going to follow the twins finding their other long-lost triplet brother, who was originally slated to be played by Eddie Murphy. Since the premise of the first movie was that the twins were developed in a lab experiment to create the perfect man, having another twin brother with a different skin tone would kind of make sense. 

After 12 long years of pre-production and waiting for the pandemic to end, production was finally scheduled to start in January 2022. However, Ivan Reitman died in February 2022, leaving the fate of the Arnold Schwarzenegger-led Twins 2 to Jason Reitman, Ivan’s son. 

“Jason Reitman f—ed it up!” Arnold Schwarzenegger said about Twins 2 being canceled. According to the actor, Ivan Reitman was excited about making Triplets, but Jason was never a fan of the idea, so when his father passed, Jason put the film on hold indefinitely. 

However, for those who were excited to see Schwarzenegger and DeVito on screen together again, you’re in luck. While Schwarzenegger didn’t say what the project was, he announced that he is currently developing another movie with DeVito, explaining that working with the comedian is a lot of fun, and he admires the actor’s talent.

Meanwhile, while Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t be seen in Twins 2, he can be found in his new television series, FUBAR, where he plays a retiring CIA agent who discovers his daughter is also a secret agent, and the pair is forced to complete a mission together. The action thriller series is set to release on Netflix on May 25.

Fortune Feimster and Arnold Schwarzenegger in FUBAR

Additionally, to get your Danny DeVito fix since he won’t be joining Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins 2, you can find him either in the most recent season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or in one of his six upcoming projects, including the remake of Disney’s Haunted Mansion. DeVito plays a college history professor in the movie, which contains an A-list selection of actors, including Winona Ryder, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Owen Wilson.