An Arnold Schwarzenegger Blockbuster Hit Is Leaving Netflix

The Arnold Schwarzenegger action thriller Eraser leaves Netflix on New Year's Eve!

By Douglas Helm | Published

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If you haven’t caught Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1996 film Eraser on Netflix, you don’t have too much longer to watch it. The action thriller leaves the streaming platform on December 31. It’s certainly not Arnold’s best effort, but it might be worth your time if you’re just looking for some solid action and entertainment.

Eraser was directed by Chuck Russell with a screenplay by Tony Puryear and Walon Green. Arnold Schwarzenegger led the film as a US Marshal for the Witness Security Protection Program tasked with protecting a senior operative who has information about an illegal arms deal. However, he ends up having to fight his former allies when it is revealed the Witness Security Protection Program has a mole in their ranks.

Along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eraser starred Vanessa Williams, James Caan, James Coburn, and Robert Pastorelli. Despite the mixed reviews the film received, it managed to do well at the box office thanks to the star power of the cast. It pulled in around $242 million against a budget of $100 million.

arnold schwarzenegger eraser
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vanessa Williams in Eraser (1996)

Although it’s hard to recommend Eraser as a masterpiece of cinema, there are certainly worse action movies out there. The film doesn’t have the best Rotten Tomatoes rating, but it is carried by strong performances from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vanessa Williams. The action is also well-shot and makes for an entertaining ride.

Surprisingly enough, Eraser actually got a direct-to-video reboot this year called Eraser: Reborn. While there is almost certainly no demand for this film to be remade, it’s still a thing that exists. This time the film stars Dominic Sherwood instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you really wanted to, you could do a double feature and catch Arnold Schwarzenegger in Eraser and then watch Eraser: Reborn on HBO Max. With that being said, hardly anyone has seen the sequel film, and those that have did not like it very much. So you might be better off just sticking to the original.

While you’re watching Eraser, it might be fun to watch and see if you can spot Arnold Schwarzenegger performing his own stunts. One of the most harrowing is a 65 ft drop where he performs a back flip on the way down. Arnold may not be up to stunt work at this level anymore, but Eraser would be a good opportunity to see him operating at his prime.

If you happen to miss Eraser before it leaves Netflix on December 31, you can catch Arnold Schwarzenegger in some of his upcoming projects instead. Arnie is gearing up to reprise his role as Julius Benedict in the sequel to Twins, Triplets. Danny DeVito is also returning as the two find out they have a third brother played by Eddie Murphy.

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Eraser is leaving Netflix, he is getting his own Netflix series called Utap which is a global spy adventure that follows a father and a daughter. The series will co-star Monica Barbaro as the daughter. While we wait for that to get a release date, make sure to check out Eraser while you can.