Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Now In Every Popular Netflix Show

A new promotional video for FUBAR hilariously deepfakes Arnold Schwarzenegger into other Netflix originals.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

Arnold Schwarzenegger is featured in a new and brilliantly executed promotion for his new action-comedy Netflix Show FUBAR. The Governator certainly pulled one over on us with this one, suggesting that you can engage “FUBAR MODE” on your Netflix app and watch all of your favorite shows with his face and voice superimposed over the original actors. In his classic deadpan delivery, Schwarzenegger almost had us fooled when he said “I just don’t want to be on Netflix, I want to BE Netflix!

Unfortunately, after a series of frantic Google searches we’re met with the crushing disappointment over the fact that we can’t actually watch Arnold Schwarzenegger portray Lorelai in Netflix’s 2016 Gilmore Girls reboot. We’re reminded of the infamous Nicolas Cage Roulette browser extension that long predates Arnold Schwarzenegger’s brand of Terminator tomfoolery on Netflix. Luckily for Nicolas Cage fans, this randomized player is actually functional and allows you to watch Nicolas Cage films from the Netflix catalog in a random order.

As much as we want this Arnold Schwarzenegger Netflix extension to be real, we’re going to have to settle for the deepfakes in the promo for the time being. If you haven’t yet watched the video that Netflix posted, it’s a wild ride that features the Last Action Hero star himself inserted into shows like Ginny and Georgia, Queer Eye, The Queen’s Gambit, You, Cobra Kai, and Wednesday to name a few. What truly drives the humor home isn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face taking on the lead roles, but rather his flaccid voice-over delivery that suggests he’s quickly delivering his lines with his thick Austrian accent that we’ve grown to know and love over the years.

arnold schwarzenegger netflix
Arnold Schwarzenegger replacing William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence in Cobra Kai

Arnold Schwarzenegger is right to be enthusiastic about Netflix at this point in his career, as FUBAR has made the 75-year-old action star more relevant than ever. At the time of this article, Flix Patrol shows the new series sitting in the number one spot in the Netflix top 10, and it seems that it’s going to reside in this spot for a while based on the streaming numbers.

FUBAR marks Arnold Schwarzenegger’s triumphant return to the action genre in a serialized fashion, but is more widely celebrated for its comedic flare as the Netflix promotion suggests. In the series, Schwarzenegger portrays Luke Brunner, a CIA operative who is approaching retirement, but finds out that his daughter Emma has hidden her own involvement with the CIA from him for the past several years. That is to say, FUBAR is not only a show with over-the-top action sequences, but also some workplace and family comedy through lines that make the series have mass appeal.

The best part about FUBAR is that Monica Barbaro (Top Gun: Maverick) is the one delivering the most critical beat-downs. This is not to say that Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t do his usual thing and take out a number of goons himself in this Netflix series, but it’s almost as if he’s passing the baton to a younger generation while doing so.

We can only hope that Arnold Schwarzenegger will twist some arms at Netflix headquarters and get FUBAR MODE to be a real thing. In the meantime we’re just going to have to give FUBAR a look before we start writing letters to the streaming giant to make this fever-dream come true.