See Arnold Schwarzenegger In His Huge Netflix Action Comedy 

The trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger's new Netflix action comedy, FUBAR, has been released.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

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When Arnold Schwarzenegger became the undisputed action star of the ‘80s and ‘90s, many at the time thought it was solely because of his rippling muscles and imposing physique. And while it was the actor’s body that helped him land roles such as The Terminator, it was actually his charm and sense of humor that transformed him into a leading man, and some of Schwarzanegger’s best roles, such as True Lies, have leaned into his comedic chops. If you love to laugh along with this former governor, then we have good news: Netflix has dropped a trailer for FUBAR, an action comedy TV series in which Schwarzenegger plays the lead role.

The straightforward premise of the series involves Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a CIA operative, and his daughter (played by Monica Barbaro) is also a CIA operative. Both of them have been lying to each other over the years about what they do for a living. Across a short, eight-episode season, we’ll learn more about what happens to their quiet little lives once the truth comes out.

Of course, it’s impossible to discuss FUBAR without discussing True Lies, a movie in which Arnold Schwarzenegger famously played a secret agent who lies about what he does for a living to his wife (played by Jamie Lee Curtis). That movie played around quite a bit with the comedy of the two learning more about one another before teaming up to do spy work together. We will likely see a similar arc for the two CIA operatives in FUBAR, and even Schwarzenegger himself (via his newsletter) promises fans that the upcoming series is “another big action comedy like ‘True Lies.’”

It’s also notable that this is the first time Arnold Schwarzenegger has starred in a TV show. Once upon a time, it would have been seen as “slumming it” for a major movie star to pivot to television, but these days, there is little difference in public perception between the best movies and prestige streaming series such as Yellowstone. And in his newsletter, Schwarzenegger touts the fact that fans will get “a whole season” of action comedy goodness instead of “just two hours” fans would get from a movie such as True Lies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger True Lies

While Arnold Schwarzenegger himself isn’t afraid to compare FUBAR to True Lies, the Netflix teaser for the new show also makes some references to the actor’s famous Terminator franchise. First, we get a slightly-subtler glimpse of a leather-clad Schwarzenegger on a motorcycle (giving us major Terminator 2 vibes) before getting a very explicit moment of the actor saying, “I’m back, baby,” a clear variation of his famous line “I’ll be back.” Of course, the teaser ends with a woman slapping Schwarzanegger’s character in the crotch “for being sentimental,” which may be a winking way of reassuring the audience that the series won’t just be a nostalgia fest for the actor’s famous career.

Ultimately, we’re pretty excited to check out this eight-episode show when it premieres on Netflix on May 25 (just make sure you aren’t trying to use someone else’s password to watch it). And we’ll know a bit more about the show once the streamer drops a proper trailer in a couple of weeks. And if we’re really lucky, Arnold Schwarzanegger’s return to action comedy will be successful enough that we’ll finally get a proper sequel to the actor’s best film ever: Last Action Hero.