Dieter’s Back In The First Look At Army Of The Dead Prequel, Army Of Thieves

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

army of the dead prequel, army of thieves

The Army of the Dead prequel is coming and it looks hilarious. When Dave Bautista and company launched their assault on a zombie-infested Las Vegas in Army of the Dead, it was a rag-tag group of ex-commandos and a few other personalities mixed in. One of them who stole nearly every scene he was in was Matthias Schweighofer’s Dieter, that safe cracking German who had all the feels and wasn’t afraid to speak what was on his mind, no matter how it might have been received. In terms of comedy relief, he was the real deal so it’s no surprise he’s getting his own movie with Army of Thieves set to hit Netflix in a month or so. 

Netflix gave us the first look at Army of Thieves, the Army of the Dead prequel as part of its #TUDUM event on Saturday. Amidst a whole host of upcoming projects and returning series, we were treated to the trailer of Dieter and his pals doing what they do best: steal things. It looks like another quasi-send-up of the classic heist movie and has all the makings of a fun flick. Take a look at what Netflix put out there for Army of Thieves. 

This Army of the Dead prequel is set six years before the events of the original movie. This is in the early days of the zombie outbreak, likely around the timeline we saw in the opening credits of the Zack Snyder film. In Army of Thieves, the world is still relatively “normal” and Matthias Schweighofer’s Dieter is just coming on the scene as a master safecracker, with all the little intricacies and oddities that go along with the character. He’s recruited by Nathalie Emmanuel’s Gwendoline to help her team take down a series of safes across the city. 

Army of Thieves takes its marching orders from the heist genre premise but is quick to point out, tongue-in-cheek that they are painting by numbers here. There’s the hacker, the getaway driver, and the muscle. It’s here where Dieter surmises that this group is basically a rag-tag group that needs to work together to get the job done. He says out loud what most movies just want you to figure out. And in connecting this Army of the Dead prequel to the first movie, they are robbing Hiroyuki Sanada’s Bly Tanaka. The latter was who commissioned Dave Bautista’s group into the belly of Sin City for that loot. 

This Army of the Dead prequel has Zack Snyder back on writing the story, but Matthias Schweighofer is pulling double duty because he’s in the director’s chair for Army of Thieves. Stylistically, you can see the difference in the production, with this one much more conventional and less slow-motion-y than Snyder’s style. 

Army of Thieves will hit Netflix on October 29th and it sure looks like Matthias Schweighofer will carry the day here. But an Army of the Dead prequel isn’t the only thing in the works from this franchise. There is also an animated series planned and a possible sequel on the way as well. Plenty of stories exist in the universe Zack Snyder created here. And I’m just glad we are getting more Dieter.