Armie Hammer Canceled Again, Replaced In Scenes He Already Shot

By James Brizuela | 3 weeks ago

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Armie Hammer is now being canceled, and for obvious reasons. The actor has been reportedly accused of “sexual cannibalism” among numerous other allegations that include strong sexual misconduct with several women. There are conversations that exist between Hammer and several women through Instagram DMs painting a harrowing picture where he claims to want to cause significant harm to the women with which he is conversing. Hammer is now being replaced in a film by Taiki Waititi called Next Goal Wins. The film is about the first Samoan soccer team to reach the World Cup. Fan-favorite Will Arnett is now set to step into the role.

The sports comedy Next Goal Wins, which was to star Armie Hammer, is based on the 2014 documentary that shares the same name. The Samoan soccer team has been disgraced when they were dismantled by the Australian soccer team in the 2002 World Cup qualifying match. The final score was an embarrassing 31-0. Now the team which is labeled “the worst team in the world” is set to attempt to turn things around in time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifier. The team then hires a former soccer player Thomas Rongen (Micahel Fassbender), to act as their coach. Elisabeth Moss and Oscar Kightley, and Kaimana, are set to start alongside Will Arnett, whose role has now been expanded for this film now that Armie Hammer has been dropped.

Armie Hammer was once at the top of his game, though he is now going through obvious troubles in his career stemming from these very serious allegations. On top of losing his role in Next Goal Wins, he has since been dropped from a Broadway role, as producer Al Ruddy in the making of The Godfather series, and alongside Jennifer Lopez in the romantic comedy Gaslit. Hammer is clearly going through some very troubled times and more recently checked into a sex addict center from May to December. That stint in a recovery center has clearly not helped to revive his career.

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More recently, Armie Hammer was an integral part of Kenneth Branagh’s Death of the Nile trailer, but upon the complications that these allegations are likely causing, he had since been mostly edited out of the brand-new trailer. This is a smart move considering the film has announced that he was not to be replaced in the film. How big of a role he stands to have in the film has yet to be revealed. This will be his first project that is set to release since these allegations have been brought against him. The allegations are so serious that the LAPD has taken to investigating the matter.

Although Armie Hammer is now being essentially canceled, fans of Will Arnett and Taiki Waititi will finally get to see the pair working together on Next Goal Wins. I would say that adding Arnett to anything involving comedy is a significant upgrade, as anything the man touches turns into comedic gold. The film has been completed and is set to release sometime in 2022. Whether or not the film has to go through reshoots has yet to be revealed, but expect to see the Taiki Waititi film in the latter half of 2022.