See Anya Taylor-Joy Celebrate Finishing Mad Max: Furiosa

Anya Taylor-Joy took to Instagram to celebrate the wrap on filming for Furiosa, the fifth film in the Mad Max franchise

By Doug Norrie | Published

Anya Taylor-Joy has finished filming Furiosa, the fifth film in the Mad Max franchise, and quickly took to Instagram to celebrate the good news. This has been something of a theme for the actress with various social media postings from her account detailing some of what went into being on set. But this latest has her finally calling it a wrap and thanking those involved with making the film. Predictably, it garnered a massive response on the platform with fans weighing in about what this means for the actress and the movie.

In the post, Anya Taylor-Joy mentioned those in the “wasteland – the crazies who have run amok with me…” and this is a reference to the set of Furiosa. Wasteland is what she’d been referring to the set and the setting of the movie over the last couple of months, often mentioning being covered in oil (and other things) during her time spent as the character. This latest post does act as something of a culmination for this stage of the film process even if there is more to be done on that front.

Anya Taylor-Joy closes out the post by saying “Fire, blood and guzzoline”, the latter word a Mad Max reference to what gasoline is called in this world. The post also included a shot of director and Mad Max creator George Miller standing next to a jet. He is the one who has visioned this whole world and is been the driving force behind the franchise which has been around for more than four decades now.

The filming on Furiosa has been going on since May of this year and officially began in earnest at the beginning of June. The movie will act as a prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road which starred Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. The latter played Imperator Furiosa, a lieutenant under Immortan Joe. She and Hardy’s Mad Max end up partnering to overthrow Joe’s Citadel after being on the run from him and his henchman over the course of the film. Anya Taylor-Joy will play the younger version of the titular character. 

Furiosa will detail how Anya Taylor-Joy’s character came to be with Immortan Joe in the first place and how the world operated in the time leading up to the events of Fury Road. Others in the movie include Chris Hemsworth and Tom Burke though their respective characters haven’t yet been specified.

As for Anya Taylor-Joy, the Queen’s Gambit actress is as busy as it comes over the next few years. In addition to Furiosa, she’s also filmed The Super Mario Bros. Movie in which she voices the character of Princess Toadstool. And she’s just come off the release of David O. Russell’s Amsterdam which had her alongside Christian Bale and Margot Robbie.

Next up for Anya Taylor-Joy will be The Gorge and Laughter in the Dark. Furiosa will release in theaters on May 24, 2024. So we have a couple of years before we finally see the wasteland. It should be an oil and guzzoline-fueled spectacle.