See Anthony Mackie’s Amazing New Look For Captain America

Anthony Mackie is going to look like a much different version of Captain America and this new suit proves it. It looks awesome.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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It won’t be long before we get Anthony Mackie officially taking over the role as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With future phases of the MCU looking to redefine and even recast certain characters, Mackie’s replacing Chris Evans in future stories is among the most high-profile moves the franchise has pulled off to date. It’s something they’ve been setting up for some time now, and even had a limited series about this exact character struggle and evolution. But Mackie looks every bit the part and recently we got to see some of the concept art for the character when Captain America 4 finally hits the big screen. 

The Captain America concept art was posted by Ryan Meinerding, the Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios. He was giving more detail on what we can expect with Anthony Mackie as Captain America and how the character will look different from the first iterations during the Steve Rogers timeline. You can see the Instagram post below, work he did for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that will carry over to the next movie. Check it out:

Though we did get a first glimpse of Anthony Mackie as Captain America in the last episode of the limited series on Disney+, this art gives the character significantly more detail with a longer look. This version of the character has a much bulkier and more metallic look than what Chris Evans was sporting by the time we reached Endgame. The Sam Wilson version of Captain America will have a brighter top half, leaning into the Falcon origins with the wings as part of the star crest on his chest. 

Additionally, Anthony Mackie will have more offsetting colors, especially around the sleeves, giving the uniform a much brighter tone than Chris Evans at the end of the Avengers’ timeline. It makes sense to carry over some of the same schemes, but to create a different version of the character for the next movie. Obviously, the franchise is going in a completely different direction now and Mackie’s Sam Wilson will approach the character in a much different vein. The events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier all led to this. 

When we Anthony Mackie in the red, white, and blue for Captain America 4, the landscape of this character’s universe will look significantly different than what we had with Chris Evans. It is likely we have a movie that deals with the United States as a country and different aspects of nationalism that might not have been at play later in the Chris Evans/ Steve Rogers arc. We know now that Captain America is a moniker as much as anything else, a symbol for the country. It went off the rails with John Walker who is now U.S. Agent. Same Wilson will try to course correct there. However it plays out, this is shaping up to be an awesome movie and Anthony Mackie definitely looks the part. 

Currently, there is no definitive timeline for when Captain America 4 is going to come out, but the expectation is that we will see Anthony Mackie in the suit once again in 2023.