Anthony Hopkins Making An Insane Action Thriller With Top Gun Star

Anthony Hopkins and Glenn Powell will star in Locked

By Chad Langen | Published

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Even at 85, two-time Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins shows no sign of slowing down. According to Deadline, the Hannibal actor is set to star in the action thriller Locked for ZQ Entertainment and Raimi Productions. David Yarovesky (Nightbooks) has been tapped to direct the project, which is a remake of the Argentinian movie 4×4.

Joining Anthony Hopkins for the forthcoming film is Top Gun: Maverick’s Glen Powell. Written by Michael Arlen Ross (Oracle), the story centers on a thief (Powell) who breaks into a luxury SUV, only to discover that he’s happened upon a complex and deadly trap set by a mysterious figure (Hopkins). The movie is being described as an extremely intense, character-driven thriller.

Sam Raimi told Deadline that the extraordinary script is what got Anthony Hopkins interested in the project. “For my generation [he’s] just about the greatest actor ever,” the producer said of Hopkins. He went on to say, “Glen’s character has got a soul to him that’s slowly revealed as the picture goes on.”

Although the producer stated that the strong screenplay will allow both Anthony Hopkins and Glen Powell to show off their remarkable acting chops, he insisted that the upcoming film isn’t really an emotional piece. Instead, he described it as a nonstop thrill ride jam-packed with intense action. He also said he was confident that the movie would be a very satisfying experience for viewers.

Ara Keshishian and Peter Jákl are producing the remake under their ZQ Entertainment banner, with Sam Raimi and Zainab Azizi producing for Raimi Productions. Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, who wrote and directed the original film, are on board as executive producers. Martin J. Barab is also an executive producer on the project.

While Sam Raimi and Anthony Hopkins have both been active in the industry for several decades, Locked will serve as the pair’s first collaboration. With that said, it was recently announced that Raimi would be directing a remake of the classic horror film Magic starring Anthony Hopkins. At this time, however, there’s no word on whether the actor will be involved with the project.

Considering Locked is currently in the very early stages of development, no release date has been set. Additionally, it is unknown when shooting will take place on the remake. We do know, however, that the upcoming film is just one of several projects Anthony Hopkins has in the works.

The actor is set to star in this year’s war drama One Life, which was directed by James Hawes. The story follows British humanitarian Nicholas Winton, who helped save hundreds of children from the Nazis on the eve of World War II. Along with Anthony Hopkins, the film stars Helena Bonham Carter, Lena Olin, Marthe Keller, Jonathan Pryce, and Samantha Spiro.

Also scheduled to release this year is the Zack Snyder-directed science fiction flick Rebel Moon, which centers on a young woman who seeks out warriors from other planets to fight the tyrannical armies terrorizing her peaceful colony. The film has an ensemble cast consisting of Anthony Hopkins, Charlie Hunnam, Stuart Martin, Cary Elwes, Jena Malone, Cleopatra Coleman, Ed Skrein, and Djmon Hounsou. The movie is set to arrive on Netflix December 22.