Ant-Man 3 To Introduce A Major Marvel Villain?

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

ant-man 3

There is so much happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now that it can be easy to lose track of stories that are coming down the pike, even when they are major productions. After all, we are currently being treated to a new series on Disney+ and have the mother of all blockbusters coming in just a few short weeks. But there is going to be another major movie, one that could have huge ramifications for the universe and the multiple realities when Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantumania hits the big screen. Not only will Ant-Man 3 feature one of the universe’s most powerful villains but it is going to introduce another bad guy as well. 

The Direct has it that MODOK is going to make his live-action debut in Ant-Man 3. It could be an interesting addition to the franchise, something a bit different than we’ve seen in the past. But considering this movie could continue to move through the Multiverse or at least one version of reality, adding a character like MODOK could be how are moving with Marvel now. The villains are getting more and more dangerous and powerful, diverging just a bit off the original Avengers timeline. 

While details on this addition of MODOK to Ant-Man 3 are thin, it is likely that we get the George Tarleton version of the character. He was the first MODOK which is an acronym for Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing. In this way, there isn’t all that much confusion about the character’s main purpose. He’s a killing machine through and through. But he’s more than that with a completely ridiculous look to boot. The character had an experiment to increase his intelligence go wrong (don’t they all) and it resulted in an oversized and menacing floating head with reduced limbs that give MODOK an off-putting look. 


Whether MODOK takes this exact form in Ant-Man 3 remains to be seen. The comic book version, while sinister is a bit silly looking. And the other version we have right now, an animated series on Hulu with Patton Oswalt voicing the character is just a straight-up comedy. Again, while MODOK is a formidable opponent, he doesn’t cut exactly the same sinister look on screen. And a live-action version in Ant-Man 3 could be tough to pull off. That’s why showing up in one of the funnier Marvel offerings probably makes sense. 

In addition to seeing MODOK in Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantumania, assuming it happens, we are going to get another big Marvel villain in this one as well. That’s because it’s already been confirmed that Jonathan Majors will be on as Kang the Conqueror in this one. We first met him during the events of Loki, though in that one he was simply The One Who Remains. After the events of that show though we know that he reverts back to a version of Kang who Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly as Scott Land and Hope van Dyne will be up against. We will get to see it all play out when Ant-Man 3 hits the big screen on July 28, 2023.