Anson Mount Perfectly Reacts To The Shocking Ranking For His Star Trek Series

By Nathan Kamal | 3 weeks ago

anson mount star trek

Anson Mount is swiftly becoming one of the new figureheads of Star Trek. As the most recent actor to portray Captain Christopher Pike, Mount is helping reinvigorate the franchise with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the prequel to The Original Series. Strange New Worlds recently became the most in-demand show on streaming services, finally knocking the Taika Waititi HBO Max pirate comedy Our Flag Means Death series off the pedestal after a number of weeks. Upon learning that he was the lead of the most popular streaming television program, Anson Mount had a pretty good reaction: 

It sounds like Anson Mount is happy just to be involved with the Star Trek franchise. This is not the first time he has publicly gushed about the opportunity; in particular, performing the iconic voiceover for the opening credits of a Star Trek show was apparently a huge deal for the actor. It also is a pretty big deal to have the most popular show streaming in the world. Our Flag Means Death held the title for about seven weeks and Peacemaker, another HBO Max program, also got there at a certain point, but it is notable for a Paramount+ show to scale those heights. Currently, the streaming content market is dominated by an escalating arms race between Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video, so it is worth noting that Anson Mount and his crew managed to sneak past all those. 

It may help that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is also currently the most critically well-regarded series in the franchise. It must feel pretty nice for Anson Mount to be beating out Patrick Stewart as the most Shakespearian of United Federation of Planets commanding officers in the critical field. Some of that can likely be due to Strange New Worlds being an optimistic throwback to the days when Star Trek went on adventures around the galaxy and had fun as opposed to Picard’s grim examination of the way political compromise poisons life. But also, people might just like seeing Anson Mount helm the USS Enterprise. 

Aside from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, it seems like a pretty good time to be in the Anson Mount business. He unexpectedly popped back up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Black Bolt in Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (although not for long), and word on the street is that there is a potential Inhumans reboot on the way for Disney+. While it probably does not feel good to be the main person in perhaps the most despised MCU project to date, Anson Mount can at least feel better about being in the most praised Star Trek project.

Anson Mount is returning to the role of Christopher Pike after first appearing in Star Trek: Discovery. The character has long been one of the franchise’s most discussed, little-seen Federation officers since an iconic appearance in the early days of The Original Series, so it is nice to see him finally getting his due.