Anson Mount Returns To Marvel As Black Bolt, Our Scoop Confirmed

By James Brizuela | 1 day ago

anson mount

One of the most failed Marvel shows that truly should have been a success was Inhumans. The series failed to be a hit with audiences as the convoluted story seemed to fall flat in every way. Even more upsetting were some of the design choices that the superheroes in the show had. One of the most important heroes in the series was Black Bolt, portrayed by the wonderful Anson Mount. Bolt is a fan-favorite Marvel character who literally has the ability to destroy anything with the power of his voice. He looked as though he was wearing a biker jacket instead of his iconic black and silver suit from the comics. However, through all Marvel’s failings of this character so far, he has been redeemed. Based on a trusted and proven source, we reported three months ago that Mount would return as Black Bolt, and now that has been confirmed.

For those who have not seen Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, stop reading this article immediately, as there are major spoilers for the rest of this article. For those who have seen it, welcome aboard. One of the most shocking elements of Doctor Strange 2 and the trailers that surrounded the film was Steven Strange encountering some sort of council. Many speculated that the council had imprisoned Strange for using dangerous magic. That is certainly the case. The council, otherwise, knowns as the Illuminati, is a council in the comics that is comprised of the most powerful Marvel heroes in the universe, or multiverse if you will. One of those heroes on that council is Black Bolt (Anson Mount). The best aspect of his reappearance is the comic-accurate outfit that he was wearing in the film.

The purpose of the council is nefarious in a way, as they are meant to make the tough decisions that cannot be made by anyone else. Doctor Strange, in fact, made the council himself knowing someone more powerful than could be controlled would appear. Who was that powerful being? Doctor Strange. He got ahold of an evil book known as the “Dark Hold.” This book would turn whoever used it into a massively powerful being, but it would also corrupt the user. The council was comprised of Reed Richards (John Krasinksi, finally!), Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell), Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau, Lashana Lynch), Black Bolt (Anson Mount), Professor Xavier (Sir Patrick Stewart), and Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor). They had to decide to kill another multiverse version of Doctor Strange who had been corrupted by the book.

The plot of Doctor Strange 2 was more horrific than anyone maybe had predicted. Also, makes sense considering Sam Raimi directed the feature. Wanda Maximoff is essentially gone, with the newly crowned Scarlet Witch running rampant through the multiverse. She has also taken the Dark Hold in the universe we know and is hunting down America Chavez for her multiversal leaping powers. Sadly, she does away with the Illuminati in a quick fashion, and Black Bolt (Anson Mount) dying is the most horrific. Though he had been redeemed for a brief moment, this was also a multiverse version of the character, so we hope to see the man return sooner rather than later.