Anne Heche’s New Film Still To Be Released Despite Her Condition

Hopefully she'll get better and can enjoy it.

By Britta DeVore | Published

anne heche

After winding up in critical condition after crashing her car into a home in Los Angeles last week, the fate of Anne Heche’s Lifetime feature, Girl in Room 13, has been up in the air. However, today it was revealed that the film will still be moving forward with its September premiere date. The news came from Amy Winter, the network’s executive VP and head of programming during a panel at the Television Critics Association press tour. 

In her statement, Winter acknowledged Anne Heche’s current condition as she fights for her life inside a hospital room. The VP said that she and the rest of the folks at Lifetime were “deeply concerned” for the actress and sent her well wishes as well as to Heche’s family and friends. As for Girl in Room 13, Winter commented that it was a project close to Heche’s heart and that the entire team behind it wanted to shed a light on the “appalling issue of human sex trafficking,” adding that she hoped that audiences would be equally as “inspired” as they were to bring about more awareness to the issue and to help put an end to the very real violence that women face. 

Directed by Elisabeth Rohm, the film centers around the terrifying realities of the human trafficking industry. In it, Anne Heche stars alongside a cast that includes Larissa Dias, Max Montesi, and Matt Hamilton. At the panel, Rohm also gave a statement speaking to her dedication to get the film’s story out there and praising Heche’s work in the piece. 

Anne Heche’s accident took place on Friday of last week. Although it was initially being investigated as a misdemeanor DUI, it’s now been upgraded to a felony offense. The reason behind the change is that after a blood sample was taken from the actress, it was discovered that narcotics were found in her system. According to CNN, one of the officers on the case, Annie Hernandez, stated that further testing would need to be done to finalize whether or not narcotics were present prior to the accident or if those found in Heche’s blood stream were given to her upon arrival at the hospital. 

The news also came after one of the people inside the house Anne Heche’s car crashed into sought medical care for injuries she sustained. Although the harm was minor, it could still point to a heftier case for Heche should there have been narcotics in her system. Other than the aforementioned victim, Heche was the only other person hurt in the accident. 

As for Anne Heche, her life is still hanging in the balance. Photos of the demolished car look terrifying, with a spokesperson commenting that the actress is on a ventilation system due to an injury that affected her lungs. She also sustained heavy burns, something the spokesperson says will need to be treated by surgery. With the premiere of Girl In Room 13 showing no signs of slowing down, Heche fans everywhere are sure to be happy with the news. At this time, we’re wishing Heche and the other woman involved a full and speedy recovery.